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Pro Audio | Video | Light Gallipoli's VEGA nightclub chooses VOID Acoustics for a powerful and flexible sound system.

Gallipoli's VEGA nightclub chooses VOID Acoustics for a powerful and flexible sound system.

The Vega disco was born by an idea of David Cicchella. Together with a group of entrepreneurs, David wanted to create a modern, eclectic venue with uncompromising sound quality.

The venue is located near the town of Gallipoli, just a few steps from the splendid gulf that bears the same name, and was conceived by drawing inspiration from another club of the same ownership and proven success, the Samsara in Rimini.

Such an eclectic venue needed an equally versatile sound reinforcement system capable of reproducing a powerful and faithful sound under all circumstances.

The client, who had already had previous experience with VOID and the distributor Frenexport, expressly requested that a system "of excellent quality and universally recognised brand name" be installed once again, precisely to meet the venue's sound and image requirements.

Installer Music Service Giorgino is the company that was selected to design and install the system, a well-established company with which Frenexport has been working for some time and which is very familiar with the AIR Motion system installed at the Vega.

"For the main runway, a system consisting of eight Arcline 8 and six Stasys XV2 18'' subs plus two red AirMotion loudspeakers in the private areas was installed, while for the monitors we provided AirStream with two 18'' subs. Four Bias Q5 power amplifiers, also VOID, and a Qv for the monitors were sufficient to drive all the loudspeakers installed in the venue. All the distribution is very simple in analogue while the design was done by VOID technicians, who were brought here to Puglia specifically" Egidio Giorgino says.

The Arcline system sounding the central dance floor in particular is a very versatile system, capable of satisfying the needs in terms of power and presence in the low frequencies of DJ sets, but also suitable for live music.

The club is located in an area not far from the town centre and with several neighbouring houses, and a very circumscribed and meticulous sound containment was necessary, precisely so as not to incur administrative sanctions.

"Certainly the containment of sound and compliance with legal restrictions was a major challenge in this project" says David Cicchella of Vega.

"The objective was to install a system that could guarantee sustained sound pressure, a clear sound, but without violating the legislation in force and, certainly, without disturbing the neighbourhood" David continues.

The result of the audio project did not disappoint, however, and, as David himself told us, both the DJ hosts, the technical staff and even ordinary nightlife enthusiasts shared very positive feedback... 'The result was exactly what the client expected. In addition to my satisfaction and that of all the owners, a lot of positive feedback came from guest DJs, technicians and people who are not necessarily insiders but who, as frequent clubbers, were able to perceive a better sound quality, compared to other venues where the sound is not so maniacally maintained,' David concludes.

Romano Frenquelli, Vice President of Frenexport, commented on the realisation of this important nightclub, precisely at a time when, at last, this sector has also come back to life and attracted a large audience.

"The project and the realisation of the job order in the agreements and on time was possible thanks to the perfect synergy and collaboration of Music Service Giorgino and the Frenexport team, which, in addition to supplying all the products, worked alongside and supported the installer from the design phase through to the final finishing touches, including the final set-up".

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