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About us


Frenexport is a flexible and dynamic Italian company with over 45 years of experience in the music industry. Our core business consists in developing and distributing MI products, Audio Pro equipment, Lighting and DJ gear.

The company has grown steadily by integrating two generations of entrepreneurs and employees, expanding its staff with qualified profiles and systematically expanding its network, with the aim of building stable, sustainable and long lasting success.

About us


Our history begins in Recanati (Central Italy) back in 1976 when Bruno Frenquelli, after several years of experience gained in the music industry as an Export Manager, decides to start his own business supported by his wife Rita.

The turning point of success for Frenexport is the ability to understand and face the economic pressures in Italian music industry during the ‘80s, deciding to import and distribute music products in the domestic market.

From that moment forward, the company grows steadily, changing its legal status in 2005 into a corporate business and later in 2011 into a Public Limited Company.

Today, the executive board consists of Bruno Frenquelli (President) and his sons Romano (Vice President) and Daniele (General Manager).


The headquarter of Frenexport is located in Porto Recanati, a beautiful seaside resort town located in a key strategic location, close to the A14 highway and Ancona’s harbor.

Fast delivery & service
Our well-established international network of distribution is made possible by the implementation of the most innovative logistics solutions in our warehouses. This enables us to process and deliver in 24/48h more than 16.000 orders per year to our 2.000+ customers.

Our team shares a common passion: music
The Frenexport team includes product specialists, technicians, and musicians. We firmly believe it is essential to have a staff that not only understands the business dynamics, but also boasts a genuine passion for the world of music.

Integrated Marketing
Our Marketing team has evolved over time, embracing an integrated logic that involves the synergistic use of traditional and digital channels. Events, trade shows, in-store initiatives and industry media sit alongside the enormous possibilities brought in by digital marketing: official website, newsletters, social networks, digital Ads campaigns are just some of the constantly evolving tools we use on a daily basis.

Sales reps always on the field
In addition to our highly qualified internal team, Frenexport can boast an extensive network of sales reps that keeps connected the headquarters with all types and sizes of business partners in different countries.

Customer support
Our customer care is always available to follow up and support, answering any enquiry and providing an excellent after-sales service.

Our brands
Along with the distribution of the best brands of Musical Instruments and Pro Audio, we launched our proprietary brands Soundsation (M.I.), Helvia (Commercial Audio) and CentoLight (Show Lighting) offering different product lines designed by our Engineers and distributed internationally.



  • Wide selection of products both from our own brands and from the leading firms in the industry
  • Advanced and streamlined logistics organization for quick and reliable deliveries
  • B2B portal with full product, stock, pricing and delivery information
  • Database feed to integrate our products in your website
  • Integration of dealer’s websites links in our product pages to increase your conversion rates


  • Creating the perfect solution for your installations and events by project design and simulation
  • Assistance by our staff of skilled engineers able to integrate different products in a tailored solution
  • After-sales service rapidly and effectively sorting out any potential issue with your installation or products


  • Experienced product managers ensuring an efficient and smooth collaboration
  • Constantly updating to be always in line with the most recent market trends
  • Distribution through the extensive sales network of Frenexport


  • Already distributors of many of the world leading brands in the industry
  • Solid relationship with the most important dealers of our market
  • Consistent/proper marketing campaign through different traditional and digital channels such as newsletters, company website and social networks
  • Integration of dealer’s websites links in our product pages to increase the conversion rate of your brand
  • Excellent reputation after over four decades of experience in the field

Spot Frenexport 2023
Spot Frenexport 2023
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