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Thesis 1915 Z: the "Little" all-spice moving head from Centolight!

Thesis 1915 Z: the "Little" all-spice moving head from Centolight!

The THESIS series is one of Centolight's most successful because it offers, since its appearance on the market, powerful and reliable products and, above all, with all the advantages of LED technology.

Thesis 1915 Z is a wash-light moving head with 19 RGBW 15W LEDs that ensure, in addition to amazing power, low consumption, longer life and lower temperature dissipation.

The light beam varies from 10° to 60°, thanks to the ZOOM function controlled by high-quality motors, which allow extremely smooth and silent adjustment.

Quietness and precision of the mechanical movements, including PAN and TILT, were from the outset a primary goal of the R&D department, which relied on high-quality motors and 16-bit control. The result: a powerful and very fast "spotlight" that can serve excellently in a wide variety of situations, in fixed installations and even more at home on live music stages.

The ZOOM is also driven by high-quality motors to minimize skating and vibration, and the electronic dimmer is precise and smooth. The fan speed is calibrated to prevent internal temperature rise and overheating of the fixture, ensuring the right balance between noise, safety, and durability of the LED chips.

Again in order to create a versatile product that is truly useful to the service life, great importance has been placed on the four-color mixing system and the accurate dimmer so as to make the new THESIS moving head a valuable tool for enhancing the creativity of the most demanding light designers.

But there is more, because in addition to the normal mixing of the 4 basic RGBW colors, the Thesis 1915Z offers numerous combinations of concentric circle control creating effects such as rainbow, single circle control, background with fixed color change on individual lines or with various combinations of circles and colors.

It also could not miss the strobe function, from 1 to 20 Hz to do justice to even the most "rock and roll" shows.

Want to know what all this technology and creative power is packed into? In a spotlight, with a gritty and modern design, weighing just 9 kg and consuming 285W!

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Centolight Thesis 1915 Z - Product video
Centolight Thesis 1915 Z - Product video
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