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Soundsation introduces the IN-EAR monitoring system WF-U99!

Soundsation introduces the IN-EAR monitoring system WF-U99!

The WF-U199 IN-EAR monitoring system from Soundsation is designed for professionals who need reliable stereo monitoring and high-quality audio while maintaining maximum mobility on stage.

The kit includes a half-rack receiver and a lightweight, sturdy beltpack with a single display that clearly and immediately shows the main functions.

Transmission occurs in the UHF frequency range using PLL (Phase Lock Loop) circuitry to ensure stability and low harmonic emission. The frequency band ranges from 606MHz /613.5 MHz and ISM Europe and is divided into 99 channels grouped in sets of 10.

WF-U199 IN-EAR features independent stereo/mono modulation functions and a transmission power of 10mW that guarantees an operating distance of 80m (without direct obstacles).

The pocket receiver, which is equipped with an LCD display, comes with earphones that provide optimal reproduction of the entire audio spectrum. The package also includes several ear cushion options for personalized adaptation. The half-rack receiver unit comes with a standard 19-inch rack mounting kit, and all connections are balanced to ensure the highest audio standards.

WF-U199 RX, on the other hand, is a kit for Soundsation WF-U199 IN-EAR systems that provides additional receivers and earphones to bands or groups of people sharing the same audio content on stage or in other monitoring applications. It also adheres to the SoundSation philosophy of offering rugged, reliable, and easy-to-configure products.

WF-U199 RX features independent stereo/mono audio monitoring and the same PLL technology and 99 channels.

The WF-U199 line features high-quality professional balanced connections to ensure prolonged use and durability under strong stress conditions, similar to those encountered during service life.

Considering the technical characteristics and qualities, as well as the very advantageous quality/price ratio, the WF-U199 and WF-U199 RC kit are the ideal choice for rental companies and services that need to handle IEM systems on a daily basis.

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