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Pro Audio | Video | Light Void Acoustics sound on the tower of the Castle of Castro

Void Acoustics sound on the tower of the Castle of Castro

The Castle of Castro is a beautiful building dating back in all probability to the XII-XIII century and built on the ruins of a Byzantine fortress.

This building often hosts shows and exhibitions. In fact, in the last summer season Thymoeides was hosted. Thymoeides is an innovative show that was born from an idea of Marco Giorgino and Francesco Presicce with the intention of promoting the territory and give a new support to the live music industry that has suffered a huge blow everywhere due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

"Thymoeides is a project that focuses on three fundamental elements: the castle, the lights and the music, so as to create a spectacular mix between the architectural beauty of the castle and the innovation of music and lights,"
explains Giovanni Giorgino from Music Service.

As per the client’s request and jointly with the creators, on the upper part of the defensive tower, where the DJ set was staged, an excellent audio system had to be installed to give value to the location.

Music Service therefore installed a Void Acoustics setup with a great visual impact and incredible sound pressure, especially considering dimensions and size.

“To be more specific, we installed 2 top Air Motion, 2 Sub Stasys XV2, 2 Void Acoustics AIR STREAM monitors, all driven by two amplifiers Void Acoustics Q5", said Giovanni.

The various signals of the DJ, the vocalist and the service passed through a Midas M32 while for the players we chose the Pioneer CDJ2000 NSX 2 and the DJM 900 NXS 2.

Circular lights were then placed on the terrace of the castle which helped to create the magic of the show, making the shots from above even more spectacular. The result can be seen in this beautiful video shot for the occasion.

Thimoeides 2nd JUNE • Castro
Thimoeides 2nd JUNE • Castro

“It was easy to satisfy the customer's needs, because the Void Acoustics systems, in particular the beautiful Air Motion, represent the perfect combination of sound quality and attractive design. The show was a success and if you take a look at the photos and the video, you can clearly see how the splendid red speakers with their distinctive shape gave value to the whole scene”, concludes Giovanni Giorgino.

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