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Pro Audio | Video | Light The Alajmo club at the Fontego dei Tedeschi has chosen VOID Acoustics once again!

The Alajmo club at the Fontego dei Tedeschi has chosen VOID Acoustics once again!

Credits: @theacousticshub per l'installazione
@gia__sn per le fotografie

The Fontego dei Tedeschi is a splendid palace in Venice, located in the sestiere of San Marco and overlooking the Grand Canal, in a location near the Rialto Bridge that hosts a variety of leisure activities, the center of Venetian luxury.

Within the five floors of this building, you can find the best food and wine, beauty and perfume brands, watches, café and more. In such a setting, an excellence catering could not be missed.

Fontego dei Tedeschi

The award-winning chef Alajmo decided to open an exclusive restaurant and club in this location that, like the other locations owned by the family, required a sound/lighting system up to the task of celebrating New Year's Eve in the exclusive penthouse and terrace of the building.

For the clubbing part, once again the Alajmo family requested the advice and collaboration of The Acoustics Hub, the real estate rental company that had already handled the audio installation in other family venues.

Luca Bortolon and his staff relied on a complete VOID Acoustics system, paying great attention to the quality of the audio diffusion and the cleanliness of the installation itself.

"The project started from the console. The console was in the center of a location where everything is perfectly symmetrical, from the floor to the ceiling, and precisely for this reason, we were asked to respect this symmetry also with the audio installation", Luca Bortolon tells us.

"The ceiling consists of a square iron structure, from which four diagonals started, which we took as a reference to position the four clusters in a perfectly symmetrical way."

In detail, the following materials were used:

For the PA:

  • nr.4 trinity X (old 21")
  • nr.4 arcline 6

For DJ monitors:

  • nr.2 Basys B12 positioned Left and Right
  • nr.1 central sub Venu 212 V2
  • nr.2 Void Bias Q5 amplifiers

"The audio installation was not particularly complicated.
Although the room had sufficient reverberation, the positioning of the clusters at the four corners made alignment easy. On top of that, we had to pay a lot of care and attention to all that wiring and masking materials...", Luca continues.

In a location like this, where the stylistic part and the "glance" are as important as everything else, every aspect had to be taken care of in order to hide cables and wiring and make everything clean and precise.

"The structure is an open space, with a central stage, and it is also made entirely of iron and glass, which did not make it easy to find spaces for wiring. The most difficult part was to distribute the cables well so that they were not visible, but the result was very satisfying", Luca concludes.

A technical and aesthetic work that also satisfied, most importantly, the client who appreciated the very engaging and high-quality audio, along with the professionalism of The Acoustics Hub and VOID who have now become strategic partners for Alajmo when it comes to sound quality.

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