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Pro Audio | Video | Light Alajmo's Hostaria in Certosa chooses the "class" of Void

Alajmo's Hostaria in Certosa chooses the "class" of Void

Credits: @theacousticshub per l'installazione
             @gia__sn per le fotografie

The Alajmo brothers are all-round entrepreneurs, successful restaurateurs with over ten restaurants in Padua, Venice, Milan, Paris and Marrakech, a pastry laboratory, a range of gastronomic products, an Alajmo.

Design line and an events company In their prestigious establishments, it goes without saying that every aspect must be taken care of down to the smallest detail, and even when it comes to sound, no compromises were made.

For Hostaria in Certosa, a beautiful venue on the island of the same name near the Venice Lagoon, the client specifically requested a Void Acoustics system, a system he had already heard and appreciated at another event he had attended.
"I was contacted directly by the owners who asked me clearly that they wanted a high quality sound system with a uniform spread throughout the structure, both in the indoor part, used mostly in winter and on rainy days, and in the outdoor floating terrace, which in Venetian is called "pontoon", tells us the installer Luca Bortolon of Djs Rental Srls.

In such an exclusive setting, the audio installation is an integral part of the architectural design and a beautiful white finish was chosen for the loudspeakers - capable of recreating pressure when needed - so as to blend perfectly with the refined concept of the location.

"On the floating terrace we opted for two white Air Motion V2s and two white Stasys X V2s, which serve the "main stage" where the DJ sets are staged, while for the remaining part of the terrace, which needs a more diffuse sound, six Cyclone 10s combined with four Cyclone Sub Basses," says Luca.

"For the fixed terrace, in front of the restaurant, we chose 2 Cyclone 10s and a Cyclone Bass plus an Indigo located right above the bar to serve this specific area, while the indoor restaurant still has 4 Indigo and 2 Cyclone Bass. The amplifiers are a total of four Void 5 and all the communication between the machines is in DANTE on a shared online network, so that if a problem arises I can see the malfunction remotely and resolve it" concludes Luca.

Signal management also deserved special attention as the sources came from a variety of sources, both on-site and remote. An interesting feature is the playlists, which are created by Cristiano Spiller and streamed to the venue. In addition to these, an internal radio "Radio Alajmo" is used and, if necessary, a live signal taken directly from the DJ's console.

"To manage the entire signal matrix I chose QR1 from Xilica which the restaurant staff can control via a simple App - also supplied by me - and installed on a tablet at their disposal" adds Luca. "The Alajmo brothers are very fond of music and their precise requests were fully met by the Void system. The system delivers a very high quality sound not only with background music or DJ sets, but also on those evenings when live music is played" Luca Bortolon concludes.

Here we are again! Void Acoustics not only guaranteed excellent sound, but thanks to its elegant design added an extra touch to a very exclusive location. It's definitely over the time of the “big black sound box" hung with chains on the wall. Thanks to the variety of finishes and models of the catalog Void Acoustics you can surely find the right product.

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