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Pro Audio | Video | Light With Lewitt's Ray, the concept of the condenser microphone was transformed forever!

With Lewitt's Ray, the concept of the condenser microphone was transformed forever!

“Imagine that recording your voice is as simple as taking a picture with your phone.”

The new Lewitt RAY is a revolutionary microphone that redefines the concept of recording. Let's begin at the beginning! RAY is a high-quality condenser microphone suitable for recording instruments and vocals. It is the first microphone to use Lewitt's AURA sensor-based technology, which continuously measures the distance from the source to the microphone, thus adjusting levels and tone in real time. This allows the performer to focus solely on their work, ensuring flawless results every time, whether for vocal tracks, podcasts, live streaming content or general music production.

AURA: Autofocus and Auto Mute

The AURA system, exclusive to Lewitt, represents a significant advancement in microphone technology. The AURA sensor is capable of continuously monitoring the distance of the source and the changes in source intensity on the microphone, enabling the gain to be adjusted automatically and transparently to maintain a stable and constant signal level. This is achieved by compensating for any sudden changes in the signal, such as a person speaking into the microphone while moving. The signal is adjusted to provide an increase or decrease in volume. AURA is designed to compensate and maintain a constant signal. Furthermore, through the “MUTE” function the microphone can be muted automatically after a certain distance has been reached. In AURA "ON" mode, the microphone adapts to the user, eliminating the need for the user to adapt to the microphone. The results are particularly impressive in applications such as voice for podcasts, content, live streaming, and music production.

Lewitt RAY AURA Technology

The microphone: the Lewitt quality chosen by leading professionals.

The Basic RAY is a true condenser microphone with a 3-pin XLR connector. It operates in a similar manner to other microphones of this type, requiring 48V phantom power, which can be supplied by a sound card or mixer. The RAY microphone offers the same high-quality, ready-to-use recording sound that is characteristic of Lewitt products. This brand is frequently chosen by producers and engineers working with artists such as Justin Bieber, The Rolling Stones, Halsey, Post Malone, Kehlani, Yngwie Malmsteen, and Doja Cat, whether in the studio or on stage.

Technical features

This new model is based on Lewitt's best-selling studio microphone, the widely known and widely used LCT 440 PURE, and features the same high-end specifications. The microphone features a 1-inch true condenser studio capsule, a cardioid polar pattern with effective rear rejection, an 8 dB(A) self-noise level, a maximum SPL of 131 dBSPL, a gold-plated 3-pin XLR connector, and a 100% analog signal path.

The compact and attractive design of RAY 

Is an important consideration when the microphone is an integral part of the scene, which is a typical situation in video blogs, broadcasts and live streaming. To this end, a rack mount and an anti-pop filter have been provided that are fully integrated with the microphone itself. This integration is so seamless that they are not even noticed at a first glance. This makes RAY the ideal choice for video shooting. The anti-pop filter protects the signal from explosive sounds during voice recordings and attaches to the shock mount magnetically.

RAY - Features explained
RAY - Features explained

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