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Pro Audio | Video | Light WF-U2600HH the advanced wireless microphone according to Soundsation

It’s never easy to navigate the "wild jungle" of wireless systems. This is a particularly niche market, one where the price is almost never the absolute expression of the quality of a product. Frenexport, under the SoundSation brand, has always worked tirelessly to look for components and technologies to provide its customers with functional, complete products and, above all, at competitive prices.

There are two main characteristics that are essential for a wireless transmission system - consistent reliability in a wide range of operating environments, alongside accurate and high-quality sonic reproduction. Thanks to the technologies embedded within, WF-U2600HH is able ensure that both of these criteria are met. Signal stability is guaranteed by the True Diversity system, which provides two reception circuits that continuously choose the strongest signal without interference. Audio quality is entrusted to PLL (Phase-Locked Loop) technology that, in a single chip, manages many of the main functions. This includes amplification, digital signal processing and the compression algorithms of the transmitted signal. The receiver is housed within a standard 19" rack unit and comes with a clean interface with two bright 3" displays, volume encoder for direct control, alongside a few simple buttons for managing the main functions of the device. The rear of the unit is equally clutter-free, with two balanced XLR outputs and two jack outputs, alongside a useful mix output - providing the sum of the two channels. SoundSation WF-U2600HH also includes Digital Pilot technology, which not only allows for the user to monitor the level of reception and battery power, but also to manage up to 200 systems simultaneously. This positions SoundSation WF-U2600HH as a powerful and professional work tool, able to satisfy even the most demanding of rental applications. The kit is completed by two handheld transmitters, each with a professional cardioid dynamic capsule (different types of beltpack transmitters etc. can also be connected to the system), with two "L" shaped adapters and four screws also included for mounting both sides of the receiver.

SoundSation WF-U2600HH is a demonstration of how to provide a reliable and professional product, at an affordable price-point. The secret? There’s no secret at all, instead a commitment to meticulous and continuous research into the best components and technologies - ones that are increasingly sought in the right places and by the right partners.

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