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Pro Audio | Video | Light VoxTaker-30 KIT

The VoxTaker-30 KIT includes a "plug and play" studio recording microphone with condenser capsule that can be used without having to install any drivers. By simply connecting a USB cable, you can fulfill a variety of music production applications quickly and easily as the microphone is compatible with all recording software and ASIO audio drivers.

gio-2-s-logo-20210706083921.pngThe VoxTaker-30 microphone uses high-performance USB chip technology, high-quality single-point capacitive transducers and is capable of delivering a warm yet detailed sound suitable for human voice, music, podcasts and personal recordings. The VoxTaker-30 microphone is powered by the USB port of the device to which it is connected.


The VoxTaker-30 KIT includes a pop filter with flexible arm for adjustment.

gio-3-s-logo-20210706084013.pngThe VoxTaker-30 kit also comes with a high quality shock-mount microphone holder.

gio-5-20210706084033.pngDiscover more about VoxTaker-30 Kit!

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