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Pro Audio | Video | Light Void Venu series 2

Void Acoustics’ Venu V2 series has undergone an important redesign that involved both the aesthetic part, in order to create even more compact and elegant speakers, and some technical / functional aspects, which make the new version even more powerful and performing today.

Venu version 2 is offered in different sizes and power capacities, starting from the smallest Venu 6 , with 6” drivers, up to Venu 15, passing through Venu 8 and Venu 12 where the numbers always indicate the size of the speaker expressed in inches.

To complete the systems there are also five other units dedicated to low frequencies: V210i (one active subwoofer with two 12” speakers), Venu 112 (12” single bass), Venu 115 (15” single), Venu 212 (12” double) and the most powerful Venu 215 with a double 15” speaker.

Rotatable horn:

Among the most important innovations with the Venu V2 series (excluding Venu 6 V2) there is certainly the introduction of one asymmetrical high frequency horn, which allows to maintain the correct dispersion in both horizontal and vertical mounting positions, as well as guaranteeing a wider horizontal coverage in the near field and a better projection in the far field, with all the benefits that this implies especially in terms of sound coherence along the entire length of the room to be sonorized.

The Subs:

The new solutions implemented within the Venu V2 low frequency modules (Venu 112 V2, Venu 212 V2, Venu 115 V2, Venu 215 V2 and Venu 210i) include resistant high excursion transducers; a recessed rear connectors panel that allows the speaker to be positioned against a rear wall and grille and accessories made of resistant and durable materials.

Installation: ease and resistance

The Venu series, in addition to guaranteeing high quality sound, has been designed to guarantee maximum simplicity in the installation work by professional installers and system integrators.
An example of the care that the designers have given to this aspect is the bracket Easy Hang which allows you to maneuver and position the speaker easily with one hand, both horizontally and vertically.
If, on the other hand, pole mount of dedicated mid-high frequency loudspeakers is preferred, the closing plate on the subs can be replaced with an additional M20 hanging point.

Even the rotatable horn mentioned above has been designed to allow the correct dispersion to be maintained in both vertical and horizontal mounting positions, while in the rear panel we find the equally comfortable Phoenix connectors for connections that are as fast as they are reliable.

All the metal materials used are very resistant and rust proof in order to make Venu the ideal solution also for installations in beach bars or in other potentially corrosive environments.


While black and white are the standard color options available for each Venu model, any custom RAL color option is available upon request.

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