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Pro Audio | Video | Light Void Air 8: beauty spreads through sound

Can VOID’s Air 8 be considered a contemporary art piece?

It could sound far fetched but it is undoubtedly true that it is a very fine object and has a top level sound. Let’s unveil it together.

VOID’s Air 8 is the right choice for those who are looking for the perfect combination of pure, clear and uncompromised sound and captivating and original design, so pleasing to the sight to be considered a piece of high-end furniture.

In fact, looking at it’s elegant and sinuous shapes, it wouldn’t be out of context to talk about it as a “modern art piece”.

The technical side is no exception and fits high-end components: Air 8 is fitted with an 8” LF woofer and a neodymium HF coaxial compression driver that provides high efficiency right in that frequency range where definition and intelligibility are a “game changer”.

The enclosure is not only aesthetically appealing, but also functional to the sonic project, being built in “Low resonance” composite fibre plays an active role in controlling the linearity of any reproduced sound, avoiding any undesired vibration and resonance.

As contractors and system integrators well knowanother aspect as important is the ease of installation, that translates in the possibility to have access to a wide range of accessories that allow to put in place and orient the speaker in every situation.

Where is Air 8 most suited? Simply in all those situations where sound quality and a pleasing environment, including the furniture, are essential prerogatives: Night Club, VIP lounge, restaurants, cruise ships and luxury environments in general.

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