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Pro Audio | Video | Light Two new drum kits from Lewitt!

Two new drum kits from Lewitt!

Microphones from Austrian manufacturer Lewitt have become known and appreciated by engineers around the world because of their incredible quality in relation to price; it is no coincidence that the company's claim reads ‘great sound is for everyone’!

The latest new products is two kits, Beatkit and Beatkitpro, which offer practical, tailor-made solutions for recording drums and percussion instruments in general.

Once again, the goal of the Vienna engineers is simple: to provide sound engineers with quality, reliable and robust microphones that can be used in everyday touring and studio applications.

In fact, both kits, which include a somewhat different number and type of microphones, are organized and stored in a convenient and sturdy carrying case, which is essential for keeping microphones tidy and always within reach and come complete with a range of accessories.


Beatkit is the first kit consisting of 4 pieces but still suitable for professional filming, recommended for anyone who needs a set that is essential, practical and able to guarantee professional filming.


Inside the padded case we find:

  • 1 x DPT 340 REX (microphone for bass drum and/or floor tom)
  • 1 x MPT 440 DM (perfect microphone on the snare drum)
  • 2 x LCT 040 Stereo Pair (condensers for Over Head).

Also, in the package we find some accessories, which are essential to make the best use of the microphones:

  • 2 x clips for the pencil mics
  • 1 x mount for the MPT 440 DM
  • 2 x windscreens (for the two condensers).


High-quality and valuable instruments are already included in this first kit, such as the DPT 340 REX, a microphone especially suited for the bass drum, robust and able to resist to significant acoustic pressures.

The MPT 440 DM is a very eclectic dynamic microphone, perfect for snare drum, but also excellent on guitar amps or instruments with a powerful output.

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The second kit represents Lewitt's premium solution for drum amplification and beyond. In addition to the increased number of pieces we find some very high performance and excellent quality microphones.


The kit consists of:

  • 1 x DTP 640 REX, dual-element bass drum microphone with the two-phase capsules (dynamic and condenser)
  • 1 x MTP 440 DM dynamic snare drum microphone
  • 3 x DTP 340 TT supercardioid tom microphones
  • 1x LCT 140 AIR ceiling stereo set with two assignable sound characteristics


As with the previous kit, we also find a complete set of accessories such as:

  • 2x microphone clips for LCT 140 AIR
  • 1x microphone clip for MTP 440 DM
  • 3x microphone clips for tom microphones
  • 2x windshield LCT 40 Ws
  • 1x 1.5 m 5-pin to 2x 3-pin XLR split cable for DTP 640 REX
  • 1x carrying case


Beatkitpro includes several top-of-the-line microphones, but the real 'gem' is the DTP 640 REX, a microphone with two capsules, one condenser and one dynamic, perfect for capturing all the nuances of this instrument so important in pop and rock music.

The two capsules are virtually adjacent ensuring absolute phase coherence and eliminating the inconvenient practice of using two different microphones, with all that this implies.

The DTP 340 TTs, on the other hand, with a supercardioid polar pattern, are perfect on toms; this narrow pattern allows for a powerful and very focused sound without encountering returns from adjacent instruments, typically the other toms.

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Beatkit and Beatkitpro are already available and are distributed in Italy by exclusive distributor Frenexport of Porto Recanati.

For any information or to know the prices - highly competitive - of these two important new products, all you have to do is contact our product specialists with a simple click or send a request to any of our social channels.

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