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Pro Audio | Video | Light Tons of Innovations for Frenexport at ISE 2024!

Tons of Innovations for Frenexport at ISE 2024!

The rendezvous with ISE Barcelona, the most anticipated trade fair for professionals in the integrated systems and professional entertainment sectors, promises to be intense and filled with innovations for Frenexport this year. Frenexport will showcase an extensive range of products under the Centolight and Helvia brands.

A year of rigorous work and research by our R&D department has culminated in the development of new products with modern technical specifications designed to meet the day-to-day demands of the workplace.

Here's a brief overview of what you can expect at the Frenexport booth, located in Hall 7 at booth F880.

Professional Audio - Helvia

The Helvia brand will unveil a series of new products, further enriching an already extensive catalog designed for both on-the-road and installation applications.

The HMX-44A is a matrix with a 4-input mixer, 4 outputs, a multimedia player, and four independent 60W amplifiers. The mixer section includes three combo Mic-Line inputs with Phantom 48V, a front stereo Line input combined with the multimedia player featuring DAB+, FM, USB, and BT functionalities. The HMX-44A connects with the HMX-MIC microphone base station via an RJ-45 connection.

The HPMA mixer series consists of single-zone rack-mountable mixer-amplifiers ranging from 30W to 240W, designed for both 100V lines and low impedance up to 2 ohms, ensuring maximum stability.

The HPMA series, where "P" stands for Pocket, integrates a mixer with one Combo Mic/Line input with Phantom 48V, a front AUX input with stereo mini-jack, a rear AUX RCA stereo input, and a multimedia player with DAB+ and FM tuner, USB, and BT functionalities.

The Class D amplifier modules incorporate digital processing with limiter, overheating protection, fan control, CC offset, and current feedback to ensure operation at high impedance audio levels.

Additionally, new power amplifier models featuring Class H and Class AB technologies have been developed, incorporating significant R&D efforts in material selection, such as copper alloys in toroidal transformers, insulation paints, electrolytic capacitor precision, and Transistor and Mosfet selection.

The ZEUS 204X, part of the renowned ZEUS series, offers features like an onboard crossover, 4-channel configuration, and affordability.

Lastly, the product lineup will also include various speaker systems such as the GNS-550XGN garden speakers and the STONE-640XGR rock-shaped speakers, both offering IP56 protection.

To complete the speaker series, we introduce the newest Liveo series. These products address the specific audio amplification needs of small-scale applications such as boutique shops, multimedia educational environments, and similar settings. They combine practicality, ease of installation, multifunctionality, and compactness in perfect harmony.

Indeed, that's not all! Numerous products will be showcased, including some that have already been introduced to the market and continue to be in high demand, such as the Helvia OMNIS-100. This versatile multimedia player, known for its user-friendly "touch and go" functionality, garnered significant attention at last year's ISE event.

Professional Lighting - Centolight

With the Centolight brand, we introduce the LIGHTBLASTER S960 and LIGHTBLASTER L720 LED wash bars. These units produce powerful strobe effects and captivating visuals due to their mapping capabilities. While they share similar features, they vary in dimensions and the number of LED strips—864 RGB 3in1 LEDs for the S960 and 480 RGB 3in1 LEDs for the L720. Both models allow independent control of areas for creative and modern effects.

Making its debut at the show is the SPIRE LS2000 - a compact, lightweight and powerful laser beam that integrates a primary source with an outer ring of 30x 0.2W 3-in-1 RGB LEDs. This combination produces high-impact effects ideal for rock and pop stages.

The Spire X28 Pro is an elegant, compact moving headlight featuring high luminous output and uniform coverage. Equipped with a 280W lamp and a comprehensive set of professional features, including static gobo wheel, color wheel, prism with 8 and 16 faces, morphing prism effect, motorized linear focus, variable speed shutter/strobe, linear dimmer, and controllable color and gobos timing.

For more theatrical applications, we present the PLOT 6200FZ, a LED Fresnel with an adjustable beam angle from 15° to 50° via a motorized zoom, and the SQUARE 6200P, a professional LED profile with a 26° beam angle (optional 19° lens tube also available). Both feature high-quality LED sources, ensuring reliability and a wide color range.

As the show approaches, and with great anticipation for this event in 2024, we invite everyone to visit us. Our stand will be in Hall 7, Booth F880!

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