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At SoundSation’s R&D department we care about frustrations of musicians over the limitations of their equipment. These very frustrations could be the catalyst for creating a long-desired solution for those who enjoy small, live performances: an all-in-one product that’s complete with everything a musician could need.

SoundSation's HYPER PLAY 6AMW is an innovative product that, in a robust chassis with an elegant design, consists of an active 6.5'' speaker, built-in 4-channel mixer (two of which are pre-amplified), MP3 player, USB port, SD card reader, Bluetooth™ connection and UHF wireless microphone. Such a diverse range of onboard options removes the need for any external devices and cables.

As if that were not enough, HYPER PLAY 6AMW is battery powered and can guarantee 5 hours of continuous operation.To make the product equally simple and convenient to transport, a soft case with practical pockets is included - useful for storing the unit’s microphone, cable and other accessories.

The rear panel of HYPER PLAY 6AMW is the "heart" of the system, where all the controls and connections are housed in one concentrated area.

The upper section of the rear panel contains a display and USB socket, as well as simple and intuitive controls to manage the tracks stored on a USB device. Similarly, HYPER PLAY is able to accept and read files on SD card, the slot for which is located right next to the display.

Below, we find a section dedicated to the controls of a classic mixer, with XLR / Jack connections, input gain controls and Mic / Line switches. Finally, we find two controls for high and low frequencies. An additional third channel is equipped with RCA / Jack inputs for any external sources.

At the bottom of the rear section, we find the "mix out" output channel, alongside LEDs indicating the level of the unit’s battery charge.

AT SoundSation we also have also put thought into situations where the musician may be some distance from the speaker - providing a remote control that can manage the main functions remotely.

Ergonomics have also been thought of, with a speaker-stand hole in the bottom of the unit’s body, as well as a shaped handle in the upper part. Considering the unit has a total weight of just 4.4 kg, there really isn’t anything to complain about!

If everything above wasn’t enough, a handheld microphone is also included, in a package that SoundSation is once again offering at a very attractive price.

The 150W Class D amplifier means that the "small" HYPER PLAY 6AMW can reach up to 110dB, with a frequency response from 80Hz to 20KHz and a dispersion of 90° x 60°.

Wondering if it sounds good? Well yes! And if you don't believe that this is possible, perhaps you still don't know that SoundSation products are always ready for a hands-on test at the Frenexport headquarters in Via Enzo Ferrari, 10, in Porto Recanati (MC).

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