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Pro Audio | Video | Light StudioMaster DigiLive 8C and 4C

StudioMaster DigiLive 8C and 4C

Powerful mixing with a smart solution.

StudioMaster is a brand that has been in the professional audio business for over 40 years and has recently become part of the Frenexport catalog, which has exclusive distribution in Italy.

Our first article dedicated to StudioMaster focused on DigiTrack 18, a 20-channel, powerful, ergonomic mixer with internal effects and extensive connectivity options.

The range of digital mixers offered by the British brand does not stop there; in fact, for smaller situations that require fewer channels, two viable alternatives are available: two equally powerful and complete mixers, but with a compact design that takes advantage of an ingenious trick.

DigiLive 8C and DigiLive 4C are two "smart" mixers.

A common feature of both models is the "minimal" interface and controls, designed to reduce space, weight and, why not, cost. The two surfaces are purposely screen-less, so as to take advantage of the touchscreens of any iOS or Android-based smartphone or tablet (or computer with any operating system) since the entire GUI is accessible from any web browser.

After all, who does not own one of these devices that they use on a daily basis?

So why not take advantage of them to optimize costs? By connecting the device with a simple step, you can control all functions with simple and intuitive graphics that are displayed on the screen, making control of the mix within the reach of your fingers.

DigiLive 8C

The DigiLive 8C, as the name suggests, is an audio mixer with 8 inputs, including 6 microphones and 1 stereo channel, with full connectivity via Wi-Fi or LAN for devices such as phones, tablets and laptops.

The DigiLive 8C features 4 effects buses, full EQ equipment, an assignable pedal input and three rotary encoders, thus offering complete mix control in a small space. SHARC's 40-bit DSP processor ensures exceptional audio quality.

There is also a USB 2 port that can be used for playback and recording, settings storage, and firmware updates. The physical connections, Jack and XLR, are all located on the top panel to further simplify wiring, a solution designed specifically to meet the needs of musicians, small bands, and venues such as piano bars, among others.

DigiLive 4C

The DigiLive 4C is the smaller “brother” of the 8C, more compact but with the same channel features. In this case, there are 4 channels, including two XLR microphone channels (as well as a stereo channel) and 2 buses for EFX effects, delay and reverb. By means of the 3 rotary encoders, inputs, outputs and effects can be controlled, but again there is provision for connection with touchscreen devices.

The DigiLive 4C is the ideal solution for applications such as piano bars, DJ sets and live acoustic music performances, in general for situations where a professional product is required in an extremely small space and weight.

We will soon present an in-depth look at the StudioMaster digital console software, with advanced features that are at the same time extremely intuitive and graphically rewarding.

We would also like to remind you that anyone wishing to obtain further information about StudioMaster mixers and, more generally, about the British company's catalog, can contact our product specialists at the usual contacts.


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