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Pro Audio | Video | Light Soundsation Mood 715Z Wash

Soundsation Mood 715Z Wash

Compact and light with great performance.

MOOD 715Z WASH is Soundsation's new motorized wash product and joins the MOOD L60 Spot and the MOOD L100 BEAM.

Like the other products in the MOOD line, the MOOD 715Z Wash also makes basic simplicity and compact dimensions its strong points, together with the usual proverbial value for money that the Soundsation brand has offered for years.

It is a very bright, fast and reliable fixture, and thanks also to the precise and fluid dimmer and the Zoom function (5.5°-45°) it is very flexible and suitable for various uses.

The fixture is equipped with 7 extremely bright and long-lasting 15W RGBW LEDs that can be used both as beam and wash light, to suit different lighting applications and simplify work when not having a large number of pieces available.

General features such as 16 bits for movement and the multifunctional LED display, developed to help the user configure the unit in just a few steps, are common to both spot and beam versions.

Soundsation Mood 715 wash - Teaser Video
Soundsation Mood 715 wash - Teaser Video

It is as compact and light as spot and beam devices, that it why it is perfect in those situations where space is limited; also, as a LED it guarantees low power consumption with virtually no overheating.

If you would like to see the MOOD fixtures at work or test them, contact us via our social channels, website, phone numbers, or visit us at our headquarters in Porto Recanati, we are waiting for you!


Soundsation Mood 715 wash - Product Video
Soundsation Mood 715 wash - Product Video
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