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Pro Audio | Video | Light Save up to €100 on Centolight's bestselling products!

Save up to €100 on Centolight's bestselling products!

Centolight Thesis 280 and Spire X23 since their introduction to the market have been incredibly successful in sales.

The reason for so much success?

They are both perfect products for a specific target market, for all those renters and professionals who are looking for a moving head light that is reliable, bright, complete at a very competitive price, as per Centolight's philosophy...

Having intercepted the continuous requests for good products and especially in prompt delivery, even after the end of the summer season, we thought to propose until the end of the year an offer that a special voucher by buying a set of Thesis 280 and Spire X23.

What does the offer include?

The offer varies according to the number of pieces purchased and you can take advantage of a 50 euro voucher for a set of 4 pieces and 100 euro for a set of 8 pieces, whether you choose Thesis 280 or Spire X23 and that is in addition to the price, already discounted, usually applied by our area agents.

We would like to remind you, for those who are not yet familiar with them the main features of the fixtures: Thesis 280 is a wash-light with 7 powerful and reliable 40W OSRAM LEDs and offering a lot of Pixel control possibilities to generate rainbow, single pixel, circle, full control of individual colors of each LED and many more.

Spire X23 is an elegantly designed beam moving head that is compact and lightweight and, despite its small size, is able to offer high light output and uniform coverage of the field of view and can rely on a high quality 230W lamp that is powerful and long-lasting.

Ask your local agent about the current promotion or contact us through our usual contacts, we will be at your service!

And remember, Frenexport always has a well-stocked warehouse to give you the assurance of having the products ready for delivery or in the shortest possible time!

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