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Pro Audio | Video | Light Pioneer's DDJ-FLX10: how to improve a legend!

Pioneer's DDJ-FLX10: how to improve a legend!

Pioneer has just launched the DDJ-FLX10, a new dedicated 4-channel DJ controller ideal for running rekordbox and Serato DJ Pro and destined to become as successful as its predecessors!

In fact, this advanced professional controller is going to replace the DDJ-1000 but it shows itself to the market with a host of brand-new features full of creative possibilities.

Pioneer DDJ-FLX10

The hardware consists of a sleek new chassis with the mixing and controls part placed centrally and the two players on the sides, a design that has set the standard and is now familiar to all DJs and musicians.

Connections include 2-line RCA format inputs, two Line/Phono also on RCA connectors, 2 microphone inputs with XRL and TSR connectors.

In addition, you will find an equally complete set of outputs (Master, Booth and Phones) but most importantly two very useful USBC connections and a DMX output for controlling lighting units.

There are many new creative features 

included with the new controller, as the technology called Track Separation, which enables new creative possibilities such as facilitated mash-ups, thus without preparing tracks in advance.


Track Separation is a software technology that allows you to isolate parts of all the tracks loaded on your library in order to choose between DRUMS, VOCAL and INSTUMENT. In this way you will be able to isolate some parts, change them in volume, remix them or effect them differently, on the same track or creating different tracks and original and always unique performances.

ON JOG DISPLAY Extended: to display everything "on the fly."

With the new On Jog Display you can customize the information you see on the jogs and decide their layout without ever taking your eyes off the deck. There are few different display modes including Deck Mode Info that shows information about the deck, including Overall Waveform, Waveform Mode that shows enlarged waveforms for 2 decks, Display Artwork to display the cover of the track that is playing, and Display DJ Logo that shows your logo with your favorite image on each deck.


DDJ-FLX10 opens the horizons to new types of mixing. It will be possible to link our hot cues together for automatic startup, without the need to press play from one track to another.

DMX output for the Lighting function of rekordbox

As we have already seen just above DDJ-FLX10 is the first controller to have a built-in DMX output for controlling lighting devices via rekordbox lighting so you can manage a "multimedia" performance (sound and lights) with only one device and in total autonomy.

Advanced 4-sensor MAGVEL FADER system.

Improving on the 2-sensor system previously used by the DDJ-1000, the MAGVEL FADER of the DDJ-FLX10 uses a new 4-sensor system. This allows for even more precise volume and cut adjustments.

Rekordbox and Serato DJ Pro software compatibility.

DDJ-FLX10 offers free plug-&-play compatibility with rekordbox and Serato DJ Pro, DVS support is available for rekordbox through dedicated subscription plans, and for Serato through a paid license/subscription to Serato DJ Expansions or Serato DJ Suite.

Pioneer DDJ-FLX10

These are just a few of the features of this new controller, which further elevates the power and flexibility of the Pioneer products that have immediately established on the market, quickly becoming among the most requested and used tools by DJs around the world.

If you would like to try DDJ-FLX10, book your unit or simply


Frenexport team will be at your entire disposal, remotely or welcoming you here at our company in Porto Recanati.

DDJ-FLX10 Walkthrough
DDJ-FLX10 Walkthrough
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