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Pro Audio | Video | Light Pioneer DJ introduces OPUS-QUAD

Pioneer DJ introduces OPUS-QUAD

The first stand-alone system that can control 4 different decks!

Pioneer DJ introduces OPUS-QUAD, a new professional all-in-one DJ system that offers total control of four stand-alone tracks without using an external computer.

This system represents another step forward for Pioneer DJ and comes to the public with a revamped design that is even sleeker and more modern, and with the proverbial ergonomics of Pioneer products.

OPUS-QUAD represents the perfect solution on many occasions, a single instrument capable of accompanying Djs in all their performances, whether in disco clubs, hotels, rooftops, lounge bars, design events and private parties, addressing an audience of professionals who demand from their setup the maximum performance without any technological and aesthetic compromise.

User interface and monitor

In addition to an ergonomic and modern design OPUS-QUAD offers the already well-known and functional working environment of Pioneer Dj products, a control setup (buttons, faders, encoders...) that always allows fast and precise operations.

OPUS-QUAD integrates a high-resolution 10.1-inch display, for the first time with capacitive technology, which makes it possible to interact in a completely different way thanks to multitouch, and it is the effects that benefit most of all.

With XY-PAD the filter cutoff frequency is controlled by movements on the X and Y axes, so that both effects can be combined with the movement of a single finger.

Playback of 4 decks

OPUS-QUAD is Pioneer DJ's first tool that can independently manage four independent tracks in stand-alone mode. In fact, thanks to dedicated deck buttons you can change track control and customize JOG lighting via the shortcut menu.

This means that you do not need a computer during the setup and thus you can reduce bulk and facilitate transportation.

Comprehensive connectivity

We focused on the connectivity, and OPUS-QUAD has a total of 4 USB inputs:

  • 1 USB Type-C port for connecting the latest devices
  • 1 USB Type-A (3.2) port on the back for quick communication with SSD drives
  • 2 standard USB Type-A ports on the top panel

In addition to all this, this instrument can communicate with any external peripherals wirelessly, thanks to the system's built-in Bluetooth and WI-FI technology.

The zoned outputs also make it possible to create different music feeds for different zones. This is the typical case where you need to send one sound program to a main room and a different one to a second dedicated room.

Professional sound card for the highest quality sound

OPUS-QUAD uses 32-bit AD-DA converters from ESS Technology (the same ones that are used for Pioneer's top-of-the-line instruments) and can ensure top-notch sound, even and especially for professional applications. These, along with the other features, make OPUS-QUAD the highest-performing sound DJ system among Pioneer Dj's all-in-ones.

Compatibility with rekordbox and Serato

In such a high-performance machine, there are other features like full compatibility, fully plug & play, with rekordbox Performance Mode and Serato DJ Pro*2. Just connect an external PC/Mac with one of the apps to get started instantly, you do not need a license or subscription. Additionally, you can use the iOS/Android*1 compatible rekordbox app to communicate wi-fi with Opus Quad.


If you would like to know more about this new product and find out all the features in detail,
our product specialists will be at your complete disposal.


OPUS-QUAD Walkthrough
OPUS-QUAD Walkthrough
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