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Pro Audio | Video | Light Innovox: sound to be heard and seen

Did you know that a speaker that is compact, with a smooth design and above all perfectly integrated with the video source, can drastically increase the sonic comprehension of the audience?

The study behind all Innovox products starts right from this fundamental “philosophy”.
Let’s unveil it together.

Innovox e Frenexport:

Frenexport has always been on the look for functional products that implement those technologies capable of making the difference, products that are sometimes not so well known in Italy (at least not yet), but globally adopted as audio solutions by advanced tech giants such as Facebook, Google, IBM, Bank Of America, Under Armour, Universal, Intel and SalesForce just to name a few.

Innovox is an American company based in Minneapolis that in order to give the best sound to its products has started right from… the video. But how? Let’s check it out.

Audio in the video feature:

Innovox proposes speakers that are perfectly integrated with the video source, being it an LCD or LED screen, indoors or outdoors.

Innovox engineers team has always been convinced that to achieve quality sound – and more importantly perfectly intelligible – the speaker must be integrated with the video screen.

To achieve that the only solution is to create tailored products, wether they are stantard formats or, when needed, built based on the customer’s gear specifications.

Cognitive load:

A very important concept guiding many of Innovox’s choices, concerns the cognitive load. Cognitive load describes the process that our brain sustains in order to filter part of the environment informations to clearly understand a message.

This process can refer also to a sound and, in optimal environment, the brain is capable of decoding up to five syllables per second.

So high cognitive load environments can saturate the short-term buffer of our brain, causing difficulties and misunderstandings.

Through specific research in this field, Innovox found that one of the first things to consider is the co-location of the audio and video sources.

This means that the soeakers should be located in the proximity – adjacent – of the video frame.

This aspect though, is hardly achievable in larger and more complex installations, that’s where Innovox focused in to solve this issue.

Innovox speakers:

The greatest challenge locating speakers close to video screens comes from the sheer size of the speaker, often too large and space-taking to be placed next to a screen.

On the other side, Innovox speakers use a number of technological advantages to reduce volume and dimensions, without any quality compriomise.

The first step is using ribbon drivers, that are not only sinonym of quality, but in the configuration given by Innovox, manage to be sleaker and more compact than a conventional driver.

Other advantages of the ribbon driver are:

  • Transient response up to 10x faster than conventional soft dome or diaphragm drivers
  • Ribbon transducer is usually 50% thinner than a conventional driver
  • Reduced Membrane of mass
  • Superior transient response
  • Ultra-low distortion, almost no audible acoustic coloration
  • Uniform impedance
  • Highly defined coverage
  • Natural line source

For low frequencies has been devised a mid-range “array”, capable of delivering great LF presence, without having to use large format woofers.

These solutions allowed Innovox to obtain shallow speakers to be placed always adjacent to the video source, creating at the same time a captivating and integrated aesthetics, mantaining cognitive load low and preserving the importance of co-location as discussed above.

The models and the catalog:

There is a wide variety of models in the catalog, all seving a different purpose, from small boardrooms to large concert halls where arrays of larger speakers are used.

The most important thing to remember is that Innovox will always have a speaker that suits your solution, and when it doesn’t, they will build it from scratch!

If you want a more precise overview of what we can do for you and you want to see and listen to the Innovox products, Frenexport team is at your service.

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