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Pro Audio | Video | Light HELVIA ZEUS X: powerful and effective amplification!

HELVIA ZEUS X: powerful and effective amplification!

Another great news from HELVIA system that has recently marketed the long-awaited ZEUS X series, the answer to the demand for 4-channel power amplifiers from 400W to 800W per channel, reliable and built with selected active and passive components.

The power amplifier is one of the most requested and important tools when it comes to fixed audio installations. These are situations where, in addition to the need to provide adequate power, great reliability is required precisely to avoid malfunctions or continuous maintenance.

Think of installations such as disco-pubs, restaurants, pubs, accommodation facilities such as hotels and holiday centres where there is not only background music or PA but also live music; they are certainly not situations in which owners and managers can afford to waste time with unreliable or, worse, malfunctioning products...

ZEUS X was created with this in mind, offering absolute power and quality in a four-channel module, with 400, 600 and 800 Watts of power, simple and reliable.

The design is based on the Class-H architecture, a tried and tested technology that is well known and particularly suitable for medium to high power applications.

With this type of technology, it is also possible to develop a type of amplifier with a good level of energy efficiency, a very low level of distortion, and above all with the possibility of adjusting the working voltage of the power amplifiers and the absorption in proportion to the output power, all without the need for digital processing and with a careful eye on the budget compared to other Classes.

ZEUS X integrates for each of the 4 channels a true analogue processor with limiter and crossover, always analogue, where the VCA and filters are of the highest quality. The crossover cut-off frequencies are adjustable between 25Hz and 150Hz, a detail much appreciated by installers in all those 'on-the-fly' situations where remote control or other sophistication is not required, so as to create stereo systems combined with subwoofers without resorting to external Speaker Management Systems. In addition, 4 channels can be paired in Parallel or in configuration.

The power amplifiers in the ZEUS X family, although offered in three power ratings, are all united by a solid 2-unit rack, clean and simple controls and interfaces for quick installations, without unnecessary complications, but rather designed and developed to be immediately operational and long-lasting.

Romano Frenquelli, Vice President and Pro AVL Division Director once again highlights Helvia's desire to position its products in a precise market segment: "With ZEUS X we also wanted to offer our customers a high quality product that was simple, powerful, built with quality components and proven technology, so as to achieve very high levels of reliability.
We like to think that once the installation work is complete, our customers can get on with the job at hand, no longer worrying about the technical operation of their audio system".

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