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Pro Audio | Video | Light Helvia FLOOR-ABK Series: Compact in-wall and floorstanding subwoofers

Helvia FLOOR-ABK Series: Compact in-wall and floorstanding subwoofers

Over the past few years, we have seen a steady demand for audio quality in venues that have, until recently, neglected this aspect. We are talking about restaurants, pubs, shops or small establishments that, for reasons of budget or space, have tended to rely on consumer, generic and often underpowered solutions.

In this scenario, the low frequencies, which, when well calibrated and present, can provide a more pleasant and immersive listening experience, were further sacrificed.

Despite the fact that Helvia has many audio diffusion solutions in its catalogue, of all performances and sizes, today we present a series of subwoofers that, in terms of compactness and shape, have few competitors on the market.

The two models currently available are the FLOOR-8ABK and the FLOOR-10ABK.

The former has an 8" bass reflex woofer and a very solid 100 watt Class AB internal amplifier, designed for long-term use and equipped with an auto-power function (to limit consumption), limiter, thermal and overload protection. The frequency response (-10dB) is from 40Hz to 500Hz and the crossover frequency is adjustable from 40Hz to 150Hz, allowing it to be used with various models of high and medium frequency acoustic speakers.

The FLOOR-10ABK, as the name suggests, has very similar characteristics to its smaller brother, but with a 10" woofer. This allows it to go all the way down to 35 Hz and, thanks to the 200 watt amplifier, generate an even higher sound pressure level for full and convincing bass.

The rear panel is common to both models and, as with all Helvia products, is designed to be simple and intuitive, with clear and robust controls. In addition to the volume and crossover filter controls, there are a number of connections, including a stereo line input and a stereo power (low impedance) input that allows direct connection to the amplifier outputs or loudspeakers of an existing system. This is useful when distances or other factors prevent traditional connections to the mixer or link outputs of an amplifier.

The subwoofers are supplied with 4 rubber feet to help spread the speaker when the woofer is placed on the floor and 2 wall brackets to minimise the footprint and fully protect the woofer when facing the wall.

These subwoofers are designed to be placed in tight spaces, under armchairs or sofas, or against walls. Despite their subtle appearance, the internal volume and high-excursion woofers deliver bass worthy of much larger systems.

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