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Pro Audio | Video | Light Frenexport at ISE with a lot of “power"

Frenexport at ISE with a lot of “power"

ISE Barcelona 2023 represents a very important event for Frenexport and a unique opportunity to present to the public the many products in the field of professional audio and lighting that the company markets.

This year one of the keyword for Frenexport is power!

The power that the amplifiers of the ZEUS CA and H-MA series of the Helvia brand can deliver, a brand that was presented as a world preview at the last edition of ISE and that is already well-known thanks to its reliability and incredible value for money.

But what exactly do we mean by value for money?

For Helvia, it means offering users high quality products and, above all, a large number of functions in relation to the price.

The H-MA series consists of three models that change their names slightly precisely because of their special characteristics. While the letter "H" stands for Helvia, "MA" for mixer-amplifier we have the HDMA (where the "D" stands for dual zone), HMMA
("M" for multi-zone ) and HSMA ("S" for single zone ). In any case, these are installation amplifiers sometimes called '100 volt' by installers and insiders precisely to identify the operating voltage and application they are intended for.
With H-MA, Helvia's R&D team intercepted a number of requirements and thus arrived at a product that was simple, functional and totally integrated, full of features and expedients useful in everyday work.

We decided to use class-D digital amplifiers together with onboard processing along with many interesting and practical features.

HDMA can be used to serve a number of zones from 1 to 4 with 100V outputs, power ratings from 120W to 350W total, a 4-16Ω full power output and a whole host of features such as DAB+ receiver, BT audio streaming, USB player, FM radio, mixer with 1 front-priority MIC input, 3 MIC/LINE inputs, +48V phantom power, 2 stereo AUX inputs, level attenuators for each zone, 100V EMC input and +24V DC auxiliary power supply (120W and 240W models only)!
When power is never enough, ZEUS CA comes to the rescue with a series of 4-channel amplifiers from 400W to 800W per channel, reliable and always dedicated to low impedance.

This is a 4-channel Class-H line with excellent sound and maximum reliability that can be used in Stereo, Parallel and Bridge mode (CH1-2 / CH3-4).

Each channel incorporates a cross-over with low-pass filter for use with both full-range and subwoofer systems, without the need for external processors. The protection system includes signal limiter, delayed power on, DC offset detection, thermal protection, and current limitation.

The cooling system is extremely efficient and controls the speed of the fans to ensure excellent noise containment, which is no small matter when it comes to fixed installations.

The ZEUS CA series uses all quality materials, starting with the copper for the power transformers and the first-rate power transistor capacitors, which, together with the precision of the filters, makes the ZEUS CA a reliable and durable instrument in any installation or live application.
To see and touch the new H-MA and ZEUS CA amplifiers, the Frenexport team will be waiting for you in Barcelona for an ISE with... all the power!
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