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Pro Audio | Video | Light Portrait battery-powered LED headlights by Centolight: light everywhere and for everyone!

Portrait battery-powered LED headlights by Centolight: light everywhere and for everyone!

It's only been a few weeks since the Frenexport-owned Centolight brand made its market debut at the ISE Europe trade show in Barcelona, and we have already so many news to share with you!

The goals of the company were clear from the beginning of our adventure "to create and put in the market lighting products that are useful and functional for everyday work with an eye on the budget."

These new Portrait LED headlights are a clear example of that.


They are two different sets of products, PORTRAIT Tondo Set and PORTRAIT Q-Air Set, which share several features that make them suitable for many situations where quick and easy installation is needed. You can use them even in places where electricity is not available thanks to extreme portability, a highly efficient LED source, and the use of battery power.

Both sets, including flycase that also works as charging base, are offered at a competitive price.

Based on this initial information, we are sure that the most observant of you will have already figured out where and how to use them... So, let's take a deeper look!



PORTRAIT TONDO is a battery-powered (or mains-powered) PAR for outdoor use and IP65 certified, consisting of 6 RGBWA+UV 6in1 LEDs of 10W each, with a lifespan of about 50,000 hours.


The dimmer control has an adjustable refresh rate between 600Hz and 24kHz, making them suitable for use in video and broadcast applications as well. Each LED has a high-quality lens with a 25° beam angle and 39° light field, making it ideal for use as both a wash and beam fixture.


The two adjustable brackets are designed to allow floor or truss mounting, and both the Power In/Out and DMX In/Out connections are fully waterproof and equipped with rubber plugs to prevent liquids or moisture from entering.

The die-cast aluminum frame allows both waterproofing and total heat dissipation even when operating in the sun. There are no fans and this means that the light is extremely quiet.

The high-efficiency lithium battery provides a full charge from zero in 4-5 hours and can last about 6 hours with all colors; about 8 hours when running preset programs or DMX; about 12 hours when running single color. The wireless DMX function and infrared remote control allow all units to be controlled without the use of wired DMX controllers.

portrait tondo Data Sheet


PORTRAIT Q-Air is a battery-powered (or current-powered) PAR, and part of a set of as many as 8 pars, specially designed for touring and the rental world.

The more "rent" vocation of the kit is clear from some basic choices, such as control that can be managed in different modes: via IR remote control, wired DMX-512 connection, wireless DMX (using SOUNDSATION AIRCOM-126, 2.4 GHz wireless DMX transceiver - check for more details) and Wi-Fi using the free LED LAMP APP for iOS® and Android® devices.


The lighting qualities are also absolutely top-notch, and the 4in1 high-brightness 12W RGBW LEDs are capable of high quality without altering natural colors, with a very high CRI (Color Rendering Index) of greater than or equal to 90.

Each LED has a high-quality lens with a beam angle of 15° and field angle of 29°, making this PAR ideal for all applications ranging from Wash to Beam.

The high-efficiency lithium battery provides a full charge from zero within about 5 hours and a working time ranging from 5 hours (full color mode) to 12 hours (single color mode). The kit comes with the flycase - which also works as a charging station – and has the following dimensions of 455 x 755 x 485 cm. It is also incredibly compact and can contain up to 8 PARs!

Some uses range from inserting it inside a 300x300mm housing to create a wonderful Wash effect within the structure, placing it on an even and solid floor and functioning as a normal point-light or, via the stand with adjustable tilt up to 25°, as a Wash for wall or facade lighting.

portrait q-air Data Sheet


Among the options that can be purchased together with Q-Air it is very useful -especially for servicers - the Portrait Q-Air cover. It is a cover that allows the headlights to be used even in the rain without affecting the angle of light emission.


portrait q-air cover data sheet

Portrait Q-Air Mirror, on the other hand, is a chromium-plated steel shell that can be inserted on the par to create a mirror effect so as to camouflage the light in all those "fashion" environments where the classic black parallelepiped may clash aesthetically, such as ceremonies in historic buildings, fashion shows, TV events, etc..


portrait q-air mirror data sheet

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