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Pro Audio | Video | Light COMBO Summer 2023: even more quality this year!

COMBO Summer 2023: even more quality this year!

Once again, this year Frenexport has come up with an All-In-One solution in which we have included a range of products that we are sure will meet the needs of many of you. For 2023, however, we have decided to raise the bar in terms of quality, so that we have a setup that is suitable for professional use, but affordable for everyone.

But what about the price, you might ask? We will tell you at the end. But by then we will have already convinced you…

Due to the huge success of last year's COMBO for this season we thought we would include everything you need like speakers, mixer, microphones, cables, but let's go in order and see what you will find in the COMBO 2023.

For the speakers we chose a pair of Hyper Pro 12 Plus, a product that proved to be incredible, especially in terms of sound quality, on a par with speakers in a completely different price range.

This is a two-way speaker with a woofer manufactured specifically for this model of 12'' bass reflex and 1'' compression drivers. Inside the elegant chassis are housed a 700W continuous Class-D amplifier and DSP for control of Crossover, EQ, 2-Band Limiter!

A product that won’t go unheard!

The SOUNDSATION YOUMIX-202, a professional 6-channel mixer with internal multi-effects, MP3 player and advanced Bluetooth connectivity, is at the heart of the system. It is a very simple unit, but with some features that increase the objective quality of the mixer, such as the 60mm faders and the use of high quality SMD components, which have made it possible to combine maximum portability with the quality of the preamps and the accuracy of the filters and controls.

This new COMBO also features an excellent microphone, the LEWITT MTP 550 DM. It is designed for professional vocalists looking for high-quality performance, high gain without feedback, a detailed and natural sound, a comfortable handle and a robust design that ensures heavy use. The microphone features an effective internal anti-shock system (the capsule is mounted internally on a rubber stand) to prevent any noise from handling the microphone.

With all this in mind, we could not overlook the importance of proper cabling: three 5-meters XLR cables, model EASY-CON EMCXX-5BK (2pcs. to connect the mixer to the speakers and 1 to wire the microphone to the mixer). Despite its complicated product name, this is 'simply' a reliable and robust cable, everything you would expect from a cable that is used on a daily basis!

And that’s all! We made our part.

Would you like to know the price of the COMBO 2023 in this configuration?


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