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Pro Audio | Video | Light ​Here is the product combo for you: COMBO KGEAR GP8!

In the first weeks of this season many events, whether small, medium or large, have been multiplying at an exponential rate, also thanks to a sunny and hot weather which came sooner than expected.

Our customers are constantly asking us for products that can meet their multiple needs. They want products to be reliable, high-performing and at an affordable price.

That is not easy, but lucky for us we at Frenexport have always been thinking in this direction.


That is why we have selected a package of products, or better a combo ready to use, which is performing, reliable and at the right price!

Here is what the GP8 COMBO is all about:

● K-Gear GP8 amplified system.

● Cover to protect the system

● SoundSation WF-U216HP dual UHF radio microphone.

● Microphone connection cable

Would you like to know more about the included products?

K-Gear is the new K-Array brand, distributed by Frenexport, which has all the technical features of K-Array products – well-known for quality, power, and design - but at a fair competitive price.

The GP8a is an active PA system featuring an 8" powered subwoofer and 3 modular column elements with a 4x2.5" K-array™ PAT® (Pure Array Technology) array module.

But there's more, the plug-and-play system includes a mixer, 2 mic/line inputs, a stereo AUX input, Bluetooth connectivity and USB player for truly instant operation.gp8a-20220607082527.jpg

WF-U216 is a dual-radio UHF system by SoundSation with 16 channels each and with a UHF bandwidth of 520-550 MHz. Despite its apparent simplicity, at least the way how it works, WF-U216 is a highly advanced and optimized device, integrating the high-quality microphone preamplifier stage, DSP-based audio processing, PLL synthesis stage, and other functions on a single chip. Compared with analog systems, it greatly improves the stability and reliability of the FM modulation section, AF and audio stages, offering professional-level vocal and instrumental performance. The WF-U216 is also equipped with the IR synchronization system for quick pairing between receiver and
Also, the combo comes with the covers for the K-Gear audio system, so it can be protected during idle time and before performance, and with an audio connection cable for the high-quality radiomic system.

What can you do with this product combo?

Many things, especially given that the system is stereo and has a built-in mixer and Bluetooth module, so you can stream music from your smartphone with a click. Considering that the microphone system is also simple and intuitive the KGEAR GP8 combo is the ideal solution for small events, small indoor and outdoor conferences, launch events, restaurants, piano bars, DJ sets, hotels, corporate parties, and more?

Would you like to know how much is the GP8 combo?

Please contact us in the way that is most convenient for you (via social media, company email, phone) with the subject line COMBO GP8 or with a reference to this offer.


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More information? Get in touch

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