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Pro Audio | Video | Light Centolight Spire X23: an 'easy and straight' beam from Centolight!

Centolight Spire X23: an 'easy and straight' beam from Centolight!

From the Centolight brand comes the new Spire X23, an elegant Beam moving head with a 230 Watt high-efficiency lamp and many features included, all enclosed in a compact and lightweight chassis, perfect for life on tour and more.

Spire X23, like many other Centolight products, is designed to be used every day and in the most diverse situations, from live events to the world of clubbing without forgetting bars, discos, theatres, multi-purpose centres etc.

It can boast a light weight together with a powerful light emission and a sharp beam, made possible thanks to the low consumption and high efficiency lamp that works at 7900°K and can guarantee a lifespan of over 2000 hours.
The lamp is also equipped with a built-in reflector that guarantees perfect lamp alignment.

Spire X23 Powerfull light emission

The fixture has a full set of professional features already included, including static wheel with 17 gobos plus open, colour wheel with 11 colours, 8-facet prism, frost filter, linear motorised focus, variable speed shutter/strobe, linear dimmer, controllable colour time and gobo time.

Spire X23 Frost filter system

As for connectivity, X23 supports both DMX and RDM (Remote Device Management) with Master-Slave / Auto / Sound modes for easy and immediate configuration. A convenient 2.4" TFT LCD display with 4 control buttons, intuitive and sturdy in perfect Centolight style, also facilitates management and programming operations.

Once again, care has been taken over the design of the product: Spire X23 is presented in an extremely balanced chassis based on a modern design philosophy that seeks clean shapes and ergonomics, even more so in order to be handled nimbly and securely.
You can notice the desire to keep everything 'easy and straight' in the rear panel, which houses four simple connections (also of high quality), PowerCON In, out and DMX In and Out!

The 2*1/4 turn omega clamps, available for vertical and horizontal insertion, make installation quick and easy.

Centolight Spire X23

The Spire X23's power, weight (only 11.92 kg) and flexibility make it perfect for applications ranging from large-scale live concerts, TV productions, road shows, clubs and more.

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Centolight Spire X23 - Product Video
Centolight Spire X23 - Product Video
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