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Pro Audio | Video | Light Cabling special: A forest of cables!

Have you ever thought how important cables and connections must be to make all these technologies work?

Wether you need to convoy electricity to power machines, analogue or digital signals, the cable is still today a key component.

Choosing the right product means saving money and installation time, avoiding future problems and malfunctions.

And what about the current legislation? Did you know that cables must comply with rules and requirements in terms of safety and reliability?

Frenexport is a unique, reliable and well-trained interlocutor with a research and development department that is always updated on products and technologies and is able to provide ad hoc solutions for any need.

For example, the new SIGNUM series by Helvia, a Frenexport brand dedicated to the Pro AVL world, has in its catalog a vast assortment of flame retardant and zero halogen cables and all the connectors you need...

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