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The NUX Stageman II rechargeable amplifier is the perfect companion for an acoustic guitar when you want to perform anywhere and be heard loud and clear without having to haul around a bunch of gear. With a large capacity lithium battery, the Stageman II is ready for as long as 4 hours outdoor performing for any musician.

Equipped with NUX's latest DSP & IR technology, it features 2 channels and both are optimized for acoustic guitar and microphone inputs respectively, while the 2-way high-sensitivity speaker system delivers incredible sound dynamics.

And then comes the flexibility: the included dual-footswith lets you control the built-in Looper and Drum, and the mobile App adds more and more options via smart phone: you can manage 12 Fxs, 8 IRs, switch amps channels and even change signal routing.

Wanna play along your tracks? Connect your mobile phone with Stageman II via Bluetooth and you are ready for it!

Rechargeable battery powered for more than 4 hours outdoor performing
Perform anywhere and be heard loud and clear without having to haul around a bunch of gear.

Natural sound for acoustic guitar and vocal
Each channel is optimized for its function and features independent controls and FX.


High-sensitivity speaker system for playing on stage

The cabinet is equipped with 6,5" premium speaker and 1" tweeter, featuring a beveled-angle optimized for live sound monitoring.

Impulse Response (IR) technology nails legendary guitar tones
Loaded with 8 IR fileS optimized for the guitar type and the pickup type: just use the free App to activate/deactivate the IR function.

Built-in Drum/loop & NMP-2 footswitch
Practice, compose and perform adding more flexibility via NMP-2 footswitch (included).

Stageman II Mobile App: free and powerful
Reach top of flexibility: : 12 FX, 8 IRs, 6 signal block routings.

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