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Music Retail Soundsation MOOD L60 SPOT

Soundsation MOOD L60 SPOT

A fast, powerful and complete spot!

Soundsation has recently introduced to the market a new line of LED products called MOOD which includes MOOD L60 SPOT, MOOD 715Z WASH and MOOD L100 BEAM, three new products all with LED technology with the usual incredible value for money.

Today we talk about MOOD L60 SPOT, a motorized spotlight designed to meet the demands of a type of customers who need a solid, lightweight and full effect product.

Soundsation Mood L60 Spot

Thanks to the 60W high-brightness white LED, with a lifespan of about 50,000 hours, MOOD L60 SPOT turns out to be extremely bright and reliable, and a gobos wheel with 7 gobos and the wheel with 7 colors, together with 20° beam angle, are also housed inside.

Not only that, but thanks to 16-bit precision in driving and adjusting movement, it creates extremely refined strobe effects, precise dimmers and positioning.

Finally, the operation of the multifunction LED display was developed to help the user configure the unit, making it easy to use, reliable in performance, and versatile in application.

Thanks to LED technology energy consumption is minimal, also like the other products in the MOOD family, cooling is designed to be particularly quiet while still maintaining a low overall temperature.

MOOD L60 SPOT is perfect in those situations where compactness and size make a difference and is particularly suitable in installations with low heights.

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