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Music Retail Soundsation Hyper-pro Plus: that "plus" that further raises the bar

Soundsation Hyper-pro Plus: that "plus" that further raises the bar


The new Hyper-Pro Plus loudspeakers represent a new important step forward in the evolution of Soundsation's now famous Hyper series.

They are two compact loudspeakers, offered in two versions, 12" and 15", active and with integrated DSP, characterised by high audio quality and the practicality of use that made the previous models famous, qualities that are not secondary for those who have to use them every day in the most diverse jobs.

Hyper-Pro 15 Plus 3Qtr
Inside we find 700W continuous class D amplifiers, selected woofers and compression drivers, DSP to control the crossover, equalisation, 2-band limiter, phase alignment and delay optimisation of the woofers and compression drivers, so as to guarantee high performance and maximum audio quality in all conditions of use.

The bass reflex woofer in particular is able to reproduce low frequencies evenly and roundedly, while the high-frequency driver, clear and defined, has a dispersion of 90°H x 60°V.

Hyper-Pro 15 Plus Monitor
The control panel is also simple and functional and it offers two XLR-Combo Mic/Line inputs, a Mix output and 4 audio programmes (Music, Live, Monitor, Speech) to quickly adapt the loudspeaker to the main uses and thus simplify the technician's life. This is important in terms of time saving and practicality.

The elegant and robust cabinet is designed to allow vertical installation on the floor or on a 35 mm pole/tripod, and horizontal or vertical suspended installation thanks to the 4 M8 fixing points.

Hyper-Pro 15 Plus Rear

Hyper-Pro Plus is the ideal loudspeaker for all those who make heavy and prolonged use of it, the "shaking" of transport is not a problem and it is suitable for the most diverse uses, from clubs, to piano bars, restaurants, small semi-acoustic concerts and, especially thanks to the power of the 15'' version, even DJ sets and dance music.

A real working tool, quality and reliability for your work!

Main Features

  • 2-way Loudspeaker, Bass-Reflex Design
  • 700W Continuous / 1400W Peak Class-D amplifier
  • 90°H x 60°V Coverage
  • DSP for Crossover, EQ and 2-Band Limiter Control, Phase and Time Optimization
  • 4 EQ Presets (Music, Live, Monitor, Speech)
  • 2 Mic-Line Combo Inputs and Balanced Mix Output
  • On-off key for the Front LED
  • 35mm Adapter for Pole or Tripod Stand
  • 4 Fixing Points for M8 Eyebolts

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