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Music Retail Soundsation CULT ’55 - Vintage dynamic microphone

Soundsation CULT ’55 - Vintage dynamic microphone

SOUNDSATION CULT '55 is a microphone made with a very classic and fascinating vintage design.

This microphone adds technical value and style to musical performance thanks to its dynamic capsule with high sensitivity and precision.

SOUNDSATION has always been very careful to the needs of musicians, singers and the world of entertainment in general.

Sound quality, comfort, design and innovation are key points of the SOUNDSATION philosophy that make the CULT '55 microphone a "must-have" for any singer or showman.

Cardioid Pattern

CULT ’55 is equipped with a Cardioid pattern to minimizes ambient noise and and reduces the risk of feedback to meet the needs of singers, showmen and entertainment lovers in general.

Elegance and Sturdiness

CULT '55 has a very elegant "Old Style" design with a chrome finish and a sturdy structure to be durable over time

Portability and Storage

The package of the CULT '55 microphone includes a sturdy case to facilitate both transport and storage

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