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Music Retail Soundsation CLARITY A4BT – The new multimedia monitors w/BT technology

Soundsation CLARITY A4BT – The new multimedia monitors w/BT technology

CLARITY A4BT is a pair of compact monitors that add to the well-established CLARITY line by SOUNDSATION. Designed for live streaming, content creation, music production, they are also an optimal solution for home and studio recording.

CLARITY A4BT monitors are designed with a full range class D amplifier and include a DSP set with a flat and balanced frequency response. They are easy to set up and offer quality sound, with smooth and accurate frequency response and power up to 200W.

CLARITY A4BT are equipped with the BT Audio Streaming function which allows you to switch wirelessly, transmitting audio from a smartphone, tablet, laptop or other source equipped with this function.

Available in black satin finish.

Soundsation Clarity A4 BT

Several Input Connections & BT Audio Streaming

The connections on the rear panel of the main monitor offer 1/4" TS, RCA, OPTICAL inputs, allowing compatibility with countless devices. BT Audio Streaming technology let you stream your music files in wireless mode.

Soundsations Clarity A4 BT - rear


The BASS and TREBLE controls let you customize the sound of the CLARITY A4BT to create just the right sound for any room.

Headphones and Aux In Connections

A 1/8" AUX IN input and the headphone connection are positioned on the front.

Input Mode Selection

CLARITY A4BT is equipped with a DIAL-type knob for input mode selection and volume adjustment





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