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Do you remember the game-changing NUX Mighty Plug? We bet you do! Well, we have a great update: NUX just went one step beyond with his brand new Mighty Plug Pro, a handy silent-play gear for both guitarists and bassists, featuring various effects, Amp Modeling, and Impulse Response (IR) cabinet models.

Based on his little brother Mighty Plug, Mighty Plug Pro offers more functions, flexible block routings, and live stream applications.

You can stream Bluetooth playback, microphone signal, and guitar signal through USB with OTG onto your mobile device to do live streaming or making #short videos. For the young generation, #short on YouTube, TikTok, Instagram will be your main stage.

20 Amps with WHITE-BOX Amp Modeling Algorithm

NUX TSAC-HD replicates the same playability of a real Tube Amp. 20 amp models ranging from vintage to modern, for electric, acoustic and bass.


Hi resolution IRs: 34 factory IRs + 20 slots for third parties IRs
Electric: 1960A, A212, BS410, DR112, GB412, JZ120, TR212, V412
Bass: AGL_DB810, AMP_SV810, MKB_410, TRC_410
Acuostic: G HBird EG Mag, G J15 EG Mag, M D45 EG Mag, G J200 EG Mag, G J45 EG Mag, T 314 EG Mag, M HD28 EG Mag


EFX with flexible block routing
GATE, CMP, EFX, EQ, MOD, DLY, RVB: 44 EFX in total, you can freely move any signal block to get your own tone.


USB Audio stream: plug, play, record!
It can be an USB recording interface: just connect it to your PC and play without any DAW!


Bluetooth Audio stream
Jam with backing tracks through mobile device via Bluetooth audio stream: you are just one tap away.

Live stream: ready to go!

Supports TRRS headset or earpods with mic: choose Loopback USB routing so you can do live streaming with PC or mobile phone (USB On-The-Go). YouTubers, TikTokers, Instagrammers: you found a real Swiss Army knife!


Mighty App & Mighty Editor

For deeper preset tweaking and a whole world of advanced settings just plug your unit to your PC or use the free App: there's really a lot going on.


Available in mid Sept with Frenexport distribution.

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