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NUX presents Amp Academy, its first modeler in a stomp-box format, conceived to deliver best Amp Modeling Technology in a real ‘swiss army knife’ unit. Amp Academy inherits NUX TSAC-2K (White-box Amp Modeling) algorithm which delivers the sound and feel of 12 world-class tube amplifiers in a super-portable stomp-box enclosure. Let’s take a closer look!

Pro Amp Modeling with tweakable Bias
12 legendary amp models grouped in 6 families:

  • Vintage (Fender Twin Reverb/Super Reverb)
  • Classic (Fender Vibro King/Mr.Z 38)
  • Modern (Cali Crunch/Brit Blues)
  • Brown (Fireman HBE/Brit 800)
  • Red (Dual Rectifier/Slo 100) and Iridium (Uber/Die VH4)


The best IR technology
1024 samples IR resolution with 3rd party IR loader capacity makes you easy to bring your favorite amp sound everywhere.


EFX sections & more
Compressors, boosts, overdrives, distortions, reverbs + Noise reductor + 6 band Eq.


USB Audio Stream
For home studio and silent practice, Amp Academy’s USB audio stream makes it the Swiss Army Knife of interface capability. Connect the USB to your PC, and you can record tracks, run Plug-In, and even do live-stream with Amp Academy.

In Normal mode, you can choose Loopback to play the playbacks from PC to do live stream.
Re-amp: Amp Academy offers 4 tracks for Dry Out and Re-amp recording applications.


Drum & Loop functions
Amp Academy editor offers Drum & Loop function to let you enjoy playing guitar in more places, more often.


Availability: May 2022

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More information? Get in touch

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