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Hot news from NUX! The brand new NUX MG-400 is a value packed modeler akin to his little brother, the MG-300. MG-400 houses 2 powerful DSP chips for high-definition White-Box Amp Modeling algorithm (TS/AC-HD) and Core-Image post-effects.

Moveable signal blocks, 12 IR collection slots, flexible P.L block with Min & Max parameter setup, abundant System Menu, drum&loop, physical Master volume knob: MG-400 is now the best value modeler for the money.

TS/AC-HD: White-Box Amp Modeling for realistic tone & feeling
Is so real: when you tweak the knob, it affects itself as well as other parameters, while for a linear digital system, the parameter is independent. The white-box algorithm offers real-time feedback, increment-by-increment. NUX TS/AC-HD replicates the same playability most guitarists crave in a real tube amplifier.


Legendary amps at your finger tips
25 amps for guitar, 1 amp for bass and 1 amp for acoustic guitar. Tweak a knob and you are just there!


IR technology for electric guitar, bass and acoustic
The MG-400 includes multiple impulse response of 512 samples each. You can load 3rd party IR files using our NUX QuickTone edit software (support up to 48kHz sample rate). The included 25 guitar cabinet IRs combine 4 classic microphones with 3 mic positions to allow beginners a quick and easy way to jump into the multi effects experience. Also included are 8 bass cabinet IRs and 3 acoustic guitar IRs, giving you the ability to play bass guitar on MG-400 or use electric guitar to simulate acoustic guitar sound with acoustic guitar IRs.


10 independent flexible bocks: NG, CMP, EFX, AMP, IR, EQ, MOD, DLY, RVB, P.L
You can move signal blocks freely on the MG-400 and/or QuickTone editing software. Set the PATCH LEVEL block in front of AMP to swell the volume. Put DELAY block in front of gain stage to create grooving riffs. There are lots of tone creations with the flexible block routing.

Wide 2.8" LCD color screen and intuitive UI
An intuitive user interface with a colorful LCD lets you get rid of reading manuals. Keep it Simple!


Drum & Looper
The MG-400 supports NUX Phrase Loop Synchronization with Rhythm. You can play the rhythm then record your phrase loop. MG-400 will automatically beat match the phrase to fit the current rhythm BPM. Choose either STEREO / MONO looping (Stereo is 30 seconds, mono is 60 seconds).

USB Audio Interface
For home studio and silent practice, the MG-400’s USB audio capabilities makes it the Swiss Army Knife of guitar audio interfaces. Connect it via USB to your PC, and you can record tracks, reamp, and even do livestreaming with the MG-400.


QuickTone™ editor
You can download the QuickTone™ editor from the MG-400 product page. An intuitive interface is provided for tweaking parameters, dragging block order, setup SCN, save patches, load patches, export patches, load IRs, set up USB routing and CTRL SETTING; all by simply using QuickTone™.


Availabe from mid October via Frenexport distribution

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