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Music Retail Medeli SP-201/SP-201Plus

The Medeli Stage Piano line is enriched with two new models: SP-201 and SP201 Plus.
Both models are equipped with an 88-key keyboard with graduated "hammer action" and integrated stereo speakers and, thanks to an exclusive Grand Piano sound, these Stage Digital Pianos are ideal for players of all levels and genres.

Their polyphonic capacity of 192 voices allows you to play complicated classical pieces with no missing notes. In both models it is possible to modify a range of piano parameters, such as the noise of the damper pedal, the angle of the lid of a grand piano and the resonance of the strings, recreating the sound nuances of an acoustic piano for authentic performances.

The SP-201 and SP201Plus digital pianos are extremely versatile, light and elegant instruments with a black finish and, thanks to the optional ST-430 stand, they become ideal for home use.

The SP-201 Plus model features the Bluetooth MIDI function which, in combination with a dedicated iOS and Android App, allows you to control the instrument with a few operations and in an intuitive way.

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