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Music Retail ​MEDELI MZ520 and 528 DIGITAL DRUM


MEDELI MZ520 and MZ528 are entry-level digital drums and have an ideal profile for those who want to learn to play using internal technological resources such as the Smart Coach and songs. Comparing these two digital batteries with other similar products in the same price range it can be seen that they are unique in offering an educational approach to the product, thus attracting the attention of students and teachers.

The MZ520 and MZ528 digital drums are supplied with all new MEDELI drum sounds in order to give a super natural and realistic listening sensation. Regardless of whether you are playing roll type hits or pad hits and, thanks to dynamics recognition, these digital drums allow you to appreciate the delicate nuances and natural sounds, replicating the unique characteristics of an acoustic drum.

With a compact and elegant design they are the perfect partners for learning and are adaptable to any type of furniture. Both models come with a two-zone MESH-type snare drum which is 8 "for the MZ520 and 10" for the MZ528 model respectively, which also features 3 MESH-type 8 " two-zone toms.

The models are equipped with DBT (Double Bass Trigger) function which makes it easy to achieve the technique of the double bass.

You can adjust the activation interval according to your performance. The USB MIDI output allows for easy connection to a computer or other smart device such as an iPad for which a Camera Kit is required (not included).

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