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Music Retail ​Maono AU-WM821 – Dual Wireless Microphone System


The growing needs of streaming, podcasting, online conferences, online trainings, etc. require increasingly sophisticated and easy-to-use devices. Maono is committed to providing complete solutions to meet these needs by presenting a wide range of products including the AU-WM821 Wireless Dual Microphone System.

AU-WM821 is a compact 2 4 GHz dual wireless mic system featuring two transmitters and one receiver. It comes with a charging box that can provide two full charges for the TX and RX. The microphone system offers 20 hours consecutive working time.

It is perfect for vloggers,livestreamers, influencers,reporters and can also be used for interviews, videos, online sales and more. Thanks to its compact design, recording audio anywhere has never been easier. It can be used in a wide array of devices like PC, Mac, mobile phones, iPads,cameras and so on.


Compact transmitters are equipped with omnidirectional mics.The high quality technology and professional audio chip deliver a natural and clear sound within a working transmission range of up to 100 m. 80Hz- 16KHz frequency response ensures the capture of every audio detail.


The receiver screen shows all relevant information clearly, allowing you to keep your recording comfortably and easier than ever.


This microphone system can be used both for fun and in the professional world.


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