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Music Retail Maono AU-PM500 Professional large Diaphgram Microphone

Maono AU-PM500 Professional large Diaphgram Microphone

Always careful to market demands, the MAONO company offers a wide range of microphones in order to always guarantee the right product aimed at customer needs. In this typology of products MAONO includes the professional level condenser microphone AU-PM500.

This microphone is designed for vocal recording, music creation and sound productions and is also perfect for podcasting, streaming, voice-overs and musical instruments. It features a 34mm ultra large metal diaphragm condenser capsule, assisted by the highest quality electronics.

AU-PM500 can capture any audible sound in a natural and engaging way. From recording vocals to drums or stringed instruments, the AU-PM500 is always an ideal choice.

Hi-quality components

At the core of the AU- PM500, it is a custom-designed 34mm gold spluttered condenser capsule, which offers a wide dynamic range, unmatched clarity, and ultra-precise cardioid polar pattern.

High-performance Circuit

The circuit design of AU-PM500 utilizes premium components from top-tier manufacturers and a tailor-made audio signal transformer to provide low self-noise and exceptional sound capturing. It has also been uniquely tuned to reduce the proximity effect.

Studio-grade Sound Reproduction

AU-PM500 microphone offers a detailed, rich, smooth, and pleasing sound, which is superb for vocals, podcasts, live streamings, instruments, and other types of studio recordings.

Built To Last

The body of this XLR condenser microphone is made with zinc alloy and treated with multi-layer coatings. It is sturdy, durable, and functions as an electromagnetic shield to give a purer audio signal.

Maono PM500T - Professional large Diaphgram Microphone AU-PM500
Maono PM500T - Professional large Diaphgram Microphone AU-PM500
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