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Music Retail Maono AME2 - Portable Live Streaming/Podcast console for Computer & Smartphone

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Maono's continuous research in the world of streaming and podcasting has always treasured users' experiences and their valuable feedbacks. The goal is offering the best solutions to meet the needs of content creators (streamers, podcasters and musicians), by presenting products such as AME2 portable Live Streaming / Podcast console for Computers and Smartphones.

The AME2 console is a completely new product with a brand-new design, substantial performance improvements and additional features tailored on content creators nowadays needs.

Built-in Phantom power, XLR input and high-quality microphone amplifiers allows the use of both condenser microphones and dynamic microphones to record ultra-clear sounds.



2 microphone inputs are ideal for two-person streaming. These inputs are suitable for instrument connection (guitar, bass, etc..) also.


2 analog and 1 USB audio output channels for simultaneous connection with 3 streaming devices.


Auto-Tune function in 12 steps divided into A, Bb, B, C, Db, D, Eb, E, F, Gb, G, Ab. Just briefly touch the Auto-Tune button located on the console to activate automatic tuning.


BT audio streaming allows wireless connection to devices such as smartphone, tablet or PC for applications with live music accompaniment.


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