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Music Retail LIGHTBLASTER S960 and LIGHTBLASTER L720: wash, strobe, and mapping effects all in one!

LIGHTBLASTER S960 and LIGHTBLASTER L720: wash, strobe, and mapping effects all in one!

LIGHTBLASTER S960 and LIGHTBLASTER L720 are LED strobe and wash light bars designed for indoor applications.

But don't just call them strobes!

Although they may appear to be simple strobes - and of course, they include this powerful effect - Lightblasters are highly versatile and contemporary products.
Both models are designed to offer lighting designers a widely usable device that combines typical ambient lighting effects with powerful strobe effects. Additionally, they offer the possibility to act on pixel mapping for modern and effective effects.


LIGHTBLASTER S960 features a light source based on 864 RGB 3in1 LEDs and 96 white LEDs, with the emitting surface divided into 8 + 8 independent zones. It's possible to control the individual colors of each zone via DMX or simplify configurations for basic strobe/wash applications. The device is specifically designed for indoor environments and suits various venue types such as theaters, places of worship, or stages in general. Thanks to DMX control, users can easily tailor configurations to their specific needs.

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Similarly to the 960 version, LIGHTBLASTER L720 integrates an advanced light source with 480 RGB 3in1 LEDs and 240 white LEDs. The emitting surface is divided into 40 + 20 independent zones, emphasizing a commitment to precision and control. Users can manage individual colors via DMX or opt for simplified configurations for basic strobe and wash applications.

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Centolight Lightblaster L720
Centolight Lightblaster L720

In conclusion, this category of products represents a highly sought-after tool used in live music shows and permanent installations, capable of meeting many of the needs of the modern service industry, day after day.

And the price? Once again, Centolight pays attention to this aspect. Thanks to the research and selection of appropriate technologies, LIGHTBLASTER S960 and LIGHTBLASTER L720 offer performance comparable to products from more expensive brands!

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