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Would you like a compact, powerful speaker that doesn't need signal cables or even a power outlet?

Of course not, wireless power to date has not yet been invented, but you can certainly rely on high-performance, lightweight batteries, as in the case of Hyper 8 Street.

Once again, the SoundStation R&D team has been thinking with the minds of musicians, DJs, piano bar performers and those who just want to set up a speaker on the beach in the middle of nowhere to listen to music and have a party.

Soundsation Hyper 8 Street

Today we present Hyper 8 Street, an all-in-one solution that integrates a coaxial 2-way active speaker, a 240W class-D amplifier and DSP with 4 presets, a mixer with 2 Mic/Line inputs, 1 Line Stereo input, and 1 channel with BT connection, all in a sturdy, lightweight cabinet ready for any use (upright on the floor or on a 35mm stand, tilted upward, or horizontally as a stage monitor).

What if you don't have mains power available?

No problem, because the presence of the 5,400mAh lithium battery gives an operating range of 4 hours! Of course, thanks to the rear power outlet, Hyper 8 Street can be plugged into the mains for "conventional" operation.

Simplicity at its best

Hyper 8 Street was created to be an extremely simple product, starting with the elegant and clean design to get to the heart of the system, the rear panel, where connections and controls are thought out and positioned in a way that can be used even after a first glance.

On the top right is the management of the BT module, on the left are the connectors with the signal controls, underneath is the battery indicator LED, and then the general volume control, the unbalanced mono mix out control and a button for selecting the DSP in order to always have the most suitable timbral response for music, monitor and live speech.

Power and technology

Hyper 8 Street features an 8'' woofer for low frequencies and a 1'' driver and, thanks to a class D amplification module, is able to deliver a power of 95dB (1Watt at a Mt) and a peak of 120dB, remarkable data especially in relation to weights and overall dimensions and always considering that it is a battery-powered speaker!

Controls are handled by the built-in DSP. They are Master, Line Gain, Bass/Treble, Power, Mic Gain.

The Dual Bluetooth 5.0 connection

The new Bluetooth module implemented in Hyper 8 Street makes it possible to send a signal to a second speaker, so you can take advantage of a stereo setup with a technology known as True Wireless Stereo.

It is even possible to stream the right channel to a second HYPER 8 STREET and the master unit will automatically become the left channel, while the wirelessly added unit will become the right channel, thanks to the latest generation BT 5.0, with absolutely negligible latency.

Another feature that makes this powerful and rugged 8" speaker complete is that it’s worthy of the famous SoundSation price-performance ratio.

Soundsation HYPER 8 STREET
Soundsation HYPER 8 STREET
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