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Music Retail Here come the digital mixers from Studiomaster: The star of today's show is Digitrack 18!

Here come the digital mixers from Studiomaster: The star of today's show is Digitrack 18!

A few weeks ago, Frenexport added a new audio brand called Studiomaster to its catalog. Studiomaster has been in the business of providing practical solutions and innovative products to the professional audio market for many years.

They have recently updated their digital console park with many exciting features. At Frenexport, we couldn't wait to explore its potential and share it with you.

In this article, we will learn about the primary characteristics of Digitrack 18 mixer. We eagerly await the upcoming field test!

Studiomaster Digitrack 18

What is all about

The starting point is once again ease of use. The ultra-small Digitrack 18 digital mixer from Studiomaster combines the functions of a hardware mixer with the ultimate in ergonomics and the beauty and simplicity of touchscreen control.

Designed for effortless, uncomplicated and instinctive use, the Digitrack 18 fully embodies the philosophy of the Frenexport product range - "switch on and play."

What it offers

Despite the name, it has a total of 20 channels, 16 XRL inputs, and 4 digital inputs. It also includes high-quality internal effects and dynamics, stereo USB playback, and the ability to do multitrack recordings through the USB socket or expansion card.

It has 16 internal BUSes, which can be used for auxiliary sends, monitoring, and more. Additionally, there are 8 stereo EFX, 8 smart outs, and motorized physical faders. The console also has SHARC processors, which are considered the best in the market, at its core.


Again, the key here is simplicity and organization! The design is classic and straightforward. The gain potentionmeters are located at the top, and at the bottom, there are eight motorised faders, each 100 mm long, alongside the master fader. The central part is devoted to a 7-inch high-resolution touchscreen that displays all the features, I/O options, and effects.

Completing the user interface are a comfortable encoder and a set of physical buttons for selecting channels, solo, mute, recall, and manage effects and scenes. These can be stored and retrieved with a single click.

It is worth noting that the new Studiomaster model allows for the organization and recall of mute groups and DCAs, which can be placed on Layers that can also be recalled. These features make it comparable to much larger and more expensive consoles.

Digitrack 18 can be controlled using an iPad through Wi-Fi, making it possible to adjust sounds and optimize the overall set up while moving around the venue. The mixer can also be linked to a custom API or controlled by an iPad through RS485.

Rear Panel

The back of the mixer looks neat and tidy, with clear connections that are comprehensive and varied. There are 16 XLR inputs (4 of which have dual standard jack connections), 8 XLR outputs, and a full range of digital connections, including AES/EBU, S/PDIF, RS485, USB 2.0 and USB Audio for LAN connection.


Digitrack 18 has all the features you require, including dynamics processors on each channel, as well as four stereo effects such as reverb, delay, modulation (Chorus, Phaser...) and graphic EQ. These are all easily managed through simple and intuitive graphics. The parameters can be modified using a touchscreen or a combination of keys and an encoder.

Expansion Cards

There are two types of expansion boards available. One allows for 16 In and 16 Out channels through a USB socket, so you can record and do virtual sound checks. The other type has LAN connections for multitrack networking over LAN.

Come and learn more about Digitrack 18!

We always field test our products because we've learned over time that competitive pricing doesn't mean sacrificing quality.

Studiomaster's Digitrack 18 is an excellent model. If you wish to know more about it or try it out, you can visit our display room in Porto Recanati or one of our trusted vendors.

Stay tuned as we plan to conduct a field test soon to see how it performs!


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