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Music Retail FRENEXPORT is pleased to announce the distribution of Maono for Italian and Spanish market.

FRENEXPORT is pleased to announce the distribution of Maono for Italian and Spanish market.


Founded in 2013, Maono mission is innovating professional audio products paying a particular attention to the younger generation who loves podcasting and sharing moments via web. Maono R&D is constantly growing by combining the vast experience and excellent internal skills in electronic engineering, industrial design and software development.

After several years of continuous development with the aim of end-user satisfaction, Maono products are now used by contless users around the world, gaining worlwide popularity in the podcast, audio streaming and home / studio recording fields.


AU-WM821 - Dual wireless microphone system

AU-WM821 is a compact 2.4 GHz wireless mic system including two transmitters and one receiver. It comes with a charging box that can provide two full charges for the TX and RX.


The microphone system offers 20 hours consecutive working time. The system is lightweight and portable, and can be widely used for interviews, podcasts and streams in devices like PC, Mac, mobile phones, iPads,cameras.


AU-WM821 delivers clear and natural audio quality within a working transmission range of up to 100 meters. With the receiver screen showing informations, you can handle recording easier and more than ever.


AU-AM200-S1 - Portable Live Streaming and Podcast kit for Computer and Smartphone

AU-AM200-S1 is a complete audio processing solution that integrates audio output collection, processing and control.


It is compatible with smartphones, tablets and computers, including Android, iOS, Windows and MacOS. It is plug-and-play with no need for additional drivers. The built-in DSP digital audio processor allows you to vary your voice and add multiple sound effects to your podcast with a single button, which will make your live stream more fun.


AU-AM200-S1 is a great tool for making podcasts, radio shows, etc. Intuitive and easy to use so you can get into podcasting in no time by providing excellent content and interacting with listeners with immediate and simple operations.


AU-PM422 - Monitorable usb condenser microphone set

Maono AU-PM422 microphone has a built-in audio processor with a high sample rate.


The USB output allows it to be easily connected to a computer. You can use any of your favorite software to record music or other sound sources digitally.


The cardioid polar pattern records clear audio directly in front of the microphone while rejecting noises coming from other directions. It has studio-quality audio and is great for singing, podcasting, dubbing, and home studio recording. The set includes the boom arm, anti-vibration mount and pop filter.


Maono products are available starting from the month of July.

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