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Music Retail Fender Effect pedal lineup and New Harmmertone series


The entire line of effect pedals for guitar and bass from the legendary Fender brand is now available at Frenexport.

Built with robust and high quality materials, they allow to reproduce the sounds that have made the history of modern music. Distortions, Delay & Reverbs are available in both single and double versions. The lineup is completed with Overdrive, Chorus, Filter, Fuzz and Compressor, as well as volume and expression pedals.

Suitable for all genres from jazz and blues to indie, rock and metal, are recommended for both beginner and more advanced guitarists.


The new Hammertone series will be available in May. With a compact and minimalist "garage made" design, they feature unique colored knobs printed with the famous "F" of the brand. Sturdy and conceived to be used "on the road", they are equipped with jack sockets placed in the upper part that facilitate the connection in series.

Each model is equipped with true Bypass on/off switch


Fender also supplies aluminum pedal boards, cables, multi power-suppliers and cases to take your pedal board On The Road.

For more information, please log on Myfrenex portal or contact your sales representative.

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