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Music Retail BEATBUDDY – Premium content library is online!

premium content library

BeatBuddy, The first stompbox drum machine to not sound like a machine is simply unstoppable!


Singular Sound is proud to announce the opening of the BeatBuddy Premium Content Library! The included 200 songs in 21 genres playable by 10 drum sets on the BeatBuddy is enough for most people -- but you're not most people.

Download new songs in brand new genres, play all your original content on exciting new drum sets, and get brand new sounds out of your BeatBuddy - all from the BeatBuddy Premium Content Library with a few easy clicks. Professional level content with none of the hassle of creating it yourself.

You can get new styles and drumkits and expand your possibilities beyond every boundary! Some examples?

Flamenco, Cajon, World Percussions, Gig basics, Ballads, Mallets

Drum set:
Flamenco, Phil Collins inspired, Mallets, Ballads

And is just the beginning! Join the BB family!

Premium content library:

Official website:

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More information? Get in touch

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