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Become a content creator with a new portable Live Streaming and Podcast kit

Building on the successes achieved with increasingly cutting-edge products in the world of streaming and podcasting, MAONO is pleased to present the new AU-AM200-S1 portable kit for Live Streaming and Podcast for Computers and smartphones.


This new entry-level product, equipped with a tripod stand for microphone and a windscreen, was created to support the needs of learning and entertainment, while maintaining all the features of more advanced products such as interfaces for microphone, mixer, sampler and also a fun pitch changer.

The new MAONOCASTER LT AU-AM200-S1 Portable Kit is a complete audio processing solution integrating audio signal collection, audio output processing and control. It is compatible with smartphones, tablets and computers, including Android, iOS, Windows and MacOS. The console is plug-and-play and therefore does not need additional drivers. The built-in DSP digital audio processor allows you to vary your voice and add multiple sound effects to your podcast with a single button making live streaming more fun.

MAONOCASTER LT AU-AM200-S1 is a great tool for making podcasts, radio shows, etc. Intuitive and easy to use so you can get into podcasting in no time by providing excellent content and interacting with listeners with immediate and simple operations.

A complete solution for audio processing that integrates audio signal collection, processing and control of audio output. A great tool for podcasts, radio shows, etcg. Get into podcasting in no time and interact with your listeners: is so easy and intuitive.


2 microphone inputs are ideal for two-person streaming.


The acrylic panel, the attention to detail and the silicone and touch buttons make the MAONOCASTER LT AU-AM200-S1 console elegant and resistant. The lighting adjustment of buttons and pads with 6 levels of intensity enhance live broadcast atmosphere.


4 customized sound effects that can be activated using the appropriate buttons located on the control panel. You can record audio clips and import them into the podcast console via a microphone, external audio source, or Bluetooth device to use these sound effects in live broadcasts.


The "DENOISE" mode can automatically reduce noise and ambient sounds from the microphone input.


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