Ace of Tone Dual Overdrive

ACE of TONE is a dual overdrive pedal stacked with Tubeman MKII and Morning Star. Why? Because great guitarists love 2 overdrives to stack their tone. In the left corner: Tubeman with FAT mode. Tubeman offers way more clarity and gain than any classic Tubescreamer, and we modified the circuit with a useful secondary function by simply holding the footswitch FAT mode. It cranks way more bass response to enhance the low-end yet makes the tone warmer! In the right corner: Morning Star with SHINE mode. Morning Star is based on legendary Bluesbreaker circuit: very transparent, low gain drive. Like our Morning Star, it also features a simple footswitch HOLD to engage the iconic SHINE mode. In SHINE mode, you can get way more treble sound to make your tone crystal-clear.

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Key features

Two complete different overdrive in one pedal Tubeman MKII + Morning Star
Versatile routing you can adjust the order as MS->TM or TM->MS
Toggle switch for Buffer-Bypass or True Bypass
Toggle switch for 9V/18V get more dynamic
FAT function on TUBEMAN MKII adds bass response and warmness
SHINE function on Morning Star adds treble and clarity
External Switch to remote the pedal via external foot controller


Power supply 9V/18V negative tip 100mA
Dimensions 105x115x58 mm
Weight 440 gr

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